Reinventing the Media Business for the Next Generation
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
12:50 PM - 1:10 PM (GMT)
James Cadwallader Lucinda Southern

As the media business has evolved from daily broadsheets to today's 24/7 always-on content cycle, the structure, function, and distribution models of the traditional media company have changed dramatically. With social media as the primary source of information for next-gen consumers, the approach needs to be multi-pronged and content-focused. Many legacy media businesses have risen to the challenge with video reporting and branded content. But the next evolution is coming in the form of social-first publications and in-house talent pools.

In this session, join Kyra Media Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer James Cadwallader as he shares his company's journey into a modern media company focused on social that develops branded content, editorial publications, original content, and talent collaborations for Gen Z audiences across the digital ecosystem.

Attend this session and learn:

  • Why the traditional media business model no longer works for the next gen consumer
  • How Kyra built a powerhouse of a media company with a global content studio, media publishing division, and talent management team
  • Key lessons Kyra has learned to date in understanding and engaging Gen Z


James Cadwallader, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Kyra Media
Lucinda Southern, Media Editor, Adweek

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Main Stage