Influencer Marketing And The Bottom Line: Measuring ROI In The Creator Economy
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
11:35 AM - 11:55 AM (GMT)
Tim Sovay Olivia Walker

While influencer marketing remains a leading driver of awareness and brand lift, the strategy has evolved from being a purely top-of-funnel play. Advancements in social commerce and attribution tracking, paired with the ever-increasing entrepreneurial acumen of creators have enabled a new Creator Economy that, when managed properly, delivers bottom-of-funnel business results. To build a successful full-funnel program in the highly competitive Creator Economy, brands must monitor and measure all performance data at every touchpoint—from topline awareness to brand lift and from ROAS to sales conversion.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How to put data and measurement front-and-center in your full-funnel influencer marketing strategy
  • The key tools, functionalities, and partnerships needed to measure impact at different areas of the funnel
  • The trends impacting influencer marketing in 2022 and how you can best prepare


Tim Sovay, Chief Operating Officer, CreatorIQ
Olivia Walker, Head of Marketing UK, Depop

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Main Stage