Personalisation in a Privacy-First World
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
11:35 AM - 11:55 AM (GMT)
Julien Decot Toby Daniels

Successful businesses have been those at the forefront of innovation, using consumer expectations as their north star. The move to data signal security is the next evolution. When it comes to digital advertising, personalisation and privacy are frequently presented as two concepts at odds with one another. That, however, is not the case. There is triumph in people being able to see content that is relevant and personalised for them, without compromising privacy.

Join Meta for a fireside chat that will dig deep into the opportunities for brands and marketers to redefine digital advertising in a privacy-conscious world, and how to navigate the complexity and deliver upon consumer expectations, all while earning their trust.


Julien Decot, Director of Marketing Partnerships, Meta
Toby Daniels, Chief Innovation Officer, Adweek

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Main Stage