Using TikTok to Entertain, Engage and Convert
Thursday, November 4, 2021
12:50 PM - 1:10 PM (GMT)
Trevor Johnson James Rothwell

TikTok is a global entertainment platform that connects communities over shared passions and interests. Three-quarters of users come to TikTok to be entertained - and when they do, 77% feel more positive after watching the joyful content they find in their 'For You' feeds.

The blend of community and entertainment on TikTok places product discovery at the center of the digital experience. Organic, community-driven trends like the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag; which has generated over 4.8B views to date, are showcasing the products communities have discovered on TikTok and allowing brands to benefit from real-time engagement.

In this session, hear from James Rothwell, Head of Marketing, Europe, and Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing, Global Business Solutions EU as they discuss how TikTok is reimagining entertainment and connecting their community with brands and what that means for today's marketing strategies.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How the diverse and vibrant TikTok community drives engagement with authentic and joyous entertainment content, and what that means for brands
  • How brands are using the performance power of TikTok to drive real business results
  • How to effectively leverage trends to deliver shareable branded content in real-time


Trevor Johnson, Head of Global Marketing, Global Business Solutions EU, TikTok
James Rothwell, Head of Marketing, Europe, Tiktok

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Main Stage