Social Confidential: Twitter, Gaming and Community with Innersloth
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
2:05 PM - 2:10 PM (GMT)
Victoria Tran Julian Gamboa

Social Confidential is an original video series where Adweek’s social media editors take a look behind the logo to find out who’s tweeting, posting and sharing from major brands. The series returns for its second season with a very special episode featuring Victoria Tran, the Community Director for Innersloth Games, as she plays a few rounds of the popular game “Among Us” with a group of Adweekers.

Watch as Victoria discusses her twitter strategy, what it’s like to be part of the gaming community and her advice for social media managers.


Victoria Tran, Community Director, Innersloth
Julian Gamboa, Senior Social Media and Community Manager, Adweek