Adweek’s annual Women Trailblazers Summit invites female founders and leaders that have revolutionized the workplace by challenging the status quo and breaking barriers. C-Suite executives and talent from the media, technology and marketing spaces take to the stage for candid conversations around the state of equality and the power of female leadership.

Featured Speakers

Lisa Baird
National Commissioner

Stephanie Chung
Chief Growth Officer

Marta Cyhan-Bowles
Chief Marketing Officer

Carla Harris
Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor

Tanya Hvizdak
Vice President, Women Global Sports Marketing

Stephanie McMahon
Chief Brand Officer

Laura Modi
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Karlene E. O'Hara
Senior Vice President, Global Data Products

Stephanie Nadi Olson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Femi Olu-Lafe, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Culture and Inclusion

Megan Perry
Executive Director of Women's Initiatives

Jamie Power
Chief Data Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced TV

Tracee Ellis Ross
Actress, Producer and Chief Executive Officer

Angela Ruggiero
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Erica Schmidt
Global Chief Executive Officer

Noor Tagouri
Journalist, Podcaster and Founder

Lisa Utzschneider
Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Zalis
Chief Executive Officer

Christine Warner
Vice President of Global Partnerships Management and Business Development

Trinity Mouzon Wofford
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Agenda Overview

12:00 PM — 12:05 PM ET

Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.


Lisa Granatstein, Chief Content Officer, Adweek





12:05 PM — 12:25 PM ET

Women’s Sport Superpanel – The Time Is Now

Women’s equality in sports has been a substantial topic in recent years. Yet, it took a global pandemic for the world to finally give women’s sports the opportunity to shine and show its value. From increases in WNBA and NWSL viewership and social media engagement, to the Women’s Evolution taking WWE by storm, female sport is taking center stage—and they have the data to back it up, courtesy of the Sports Innovation Lab’s unprecedented “The Fan Project” report. Moderated by Sports innovation Lab CEO & four-time Olympian Angela Ruggiero, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, NWSL Commissioner Lisa Baird and Nike’s VP Women Global Sports Marketing Tanya Hvizdak discuss how women’s sports leagues around the world are growing in influence and inspiring change.


Lisa Baird, National Commissioner, NWSL
Tanya Hvizdak, Vice President, Women Global Sports Marketing, Nike
Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, WWE
Megan Perry, Executive Director of Women's Initiatives, Sports Innovation Lab
Angela Ruggiero, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sports Innovation Lab





12:30 PM — 12:50 PM ET

Not Just Breaking Through, but Breaking Up!

In most companies, 40-60% of middle managers are female. Yet only 25% currently make it through to the top tier of management. Two senior women who defied the odds and broke through the middle to earn seats in the C-Suite -- Marta Cyhan-Bowles, Chief Marketing Officer at Catalina, and Jamie Power, Chief Data Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced TV at Cadent -- lead this conversation to offer candid advice around ascending the corporate ladder. Together they’ll provide key aspirational advice on doing your homework, maximizing your networking, and making sure you’re not just seen, but heard within your organization.


Marta Cyhan-Bowles, Chief Marketing Officer, Catalina
Jamie Power, Chief Data Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced TV, Cadent
Stephanie Paterik, Editor in Chief, Adweek 





12:55 PM — 1:15 PM ET

Female Founders

Powerhouse entrepreneurs take to the Adweek stage for an insider’s POV on building your own business. Together, they’ll tackle the challenges female founders face, how to grow community and their strategies for success.


Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Golde
Noor Tagouri, Journalist, Podcaster and Founder of At Your Service Imprint 
Stephanie Nadi Olson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, We Are Rosie
Terry Stanley, Senior Editor, Adweek 





1:20 PM — 1:40 PM ET

Trailblazing with Consciousness - Ingraining DEI in our DNA

Focusing on creating a work environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are baked into the culture. Simply put, its just the right thing to do, period. Join Erica Schmidt, Global CEO at Matterkind, who will engage panelists Karlene O'Hara, SVP, Global Data Products at Acxiom, and Femi Olu-Lafe, SVP, Culture and Inclusion at Kinesso as they explore how well their companies -- and the industry as a whole -- are doing in this quest and gauging progress as well as continued opportunity. You will walk away from this discussion knowing more and better ways to push beyond just DEI to also see the connection between gender roles and data products and why identity resolution is so critical.


Femi Olu-Lafe, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Culture and Inclusion, Kinesso
Karlene E. O’Hara, Senior Vice President, Global Data Products, Acxiom 
Erica Schmidt, Global Chief Executive Officer, Matterkind





1:45 PM — 2:05 PM ET

Women on Board

Old-school boardrooms are coming to a quick end as female leaders continue to flip the script and fill more seats. Join Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis and some remarkable trailblazers who will pull no punches on how best to earn your own seat.


Stephanie Chung, Chief Growth Officer, Wheels Up
Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Laura Modi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bobbie
Shelley Zalis, Chief Executive Officer, The Female Quotient





2:10 PM — 2:30 PM ET

Elevating Women Into Leadership

Gender equality in the workplace has become an issue top of mind for today's business leaders. And, while we'd all like to believe things have continued to improve over the years, recent insights reveal otherwise. A study by IBM released on International Women’s Day challenges the assumption that we're growing closer to gender equality at work. According to the data, the number of women on executive boards and in C-suite positions hasn’t budged since 2019, while the pipeline to these senior levels actually may be shrinking. Fewer women hold titles like SVP, VP, Director and Manager in 2021 than they did in 2019. The report also found that just 30% of junior female managers reported having sponsors or mentors, further diminishing prospects for advancement.

In this session, Facebook's VP Global Partnership Management and Business Development, Christine Warner, will lead an engaging discussion on the critical importance of elevating women into leadership, and steps businesses can take today to commit to closing the gap.


Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Executive Officer, Integral Ad Science
Christine Warner, Vice President, Global Partnership Management and Business Development, Facebook





2:35 PM — 2:55 PM ET

Breaking Ground

Actress, producer and CEO Tracee Ellis Ross is living the dream. From her celebrated role in Black-ish to starring in 2020’s The High Note to branching out with the launch of hair-care brand Pattern Beauty, Ross’ exuberance and positivity drives both fan and consumer loyalty. Join Adweek, as we sit down with Ross to hear how she retains creative control, and how she’s leveraging compassion and empathy to inspire inclusivity in the beauty world.


Tracee Ellis Ross, Actress, Producer and Chief Executive Officer, Pattern Beauty
Shannon Miller, Creative and Inclusion Editor, Adweek 





2:55 PM — 3:00 PM ET

Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining!


Lisa Granatstein, Chief Content Officer, Adweek





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