9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Main Stage
adweek opening remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.

Danny Wright - Adweek
Juliette Morris - Adweek
Danny Wright Juliette Morris
9:10 AM - 9:35 AM
Main Stage
the future of fitness
ClassPass revolutionized wellness by seamlessly connecting fitness enthusiasts to thousands of (virtual and IRL) classes and experiences all in one app. Join Zach Apter, Mindbody’s SVP of Consumer Growth and Revenue, to learn more about the company’s mission to bring wellness to more people in more places, and the brand’s evolution and growth plans since being acquired by Mindbody last fall. Discover how ClassPass continually strives to deliver a fantastic experience to customers and small-business owners in the ever-evolving health and wellness space.
Zach Apter - ClassPass
Zach Apter
9:35 AM - 9:55 AM
Main Stage
Building a COLOSSAL Brand through Thoughtful Disruption

For the first time in the history of humankind, we are in control of a science that has the power to reverse and prevent biodiversity loss and heal our hurting planet. That’s exactly what Colossal Biosciences is working to achieve by purposefully combining the science of genetics with the business of discovery. Hear from Colossal co-founder Ben Lamm and Genesa Garbarino, EVP of Brand Strategy at R&CPMK on how they launched a brand that people want to rally behind, redefining what it means to be purpose-led, culturally relevant, and uniquely disruptive…one de-extincted Woolly Mammoth at a time.

Genesa Garbarino - R&CPMK
Ben Lamm - Colossal
Genesa Garbarino Ben Lamm
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM
Main Stage
10:05 AM - 10:25 AM
Main Stage
making travel a breeze

Airline travel has made a major return since the early days of the pandemic but, with business travel making a much slower comeback, competition for leisure travelers has never been more intense. Hear from JetBlue founder and serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman, now founder and CEO of Breeze Airways, along with Angela Vargo, VP of Marketing, on building an airline during a pandemic, and why Breeze’s low-cost strategy and focus on leisure travelers will fly high.

David Neeleman - Breeze Airways
Angela Vargo - Breeze Airways
Nicole Ortiz - Adweek
David Neeleman Angela Vargo Nicole Ortiz
10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
Main Stage
Unlock Business Transformation Through Retail Media Networks

Retail media networks are an indispensable source of consumer insights for CPGs and other suppliers seeking to build closer, authentic relationships with shoppers. This type of strategic data collaboration is most evident in the relationships between grocers and their thousands of suppliers.

Hear Warren Jenson, president at LiveRamp, and Elodie Perthuisot, group executive director of ecommerce, data, and digital transformation at Carrefour discuss how to unlock business transformation through the use of interoperable infrastructure and privacy-enhancing technologies—ultimately creating a thriving new revenue stream.

Warren Jensen - LiveRamp
Elodie Perthuisot - Carrefour
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
Warren Jensen Elodie Perthuisot Matt Steinmetz
10:55 AM - 11:15 AM
Main Stage
building a brand beyond the “housewives”

Scoring a role on Bravo’s hit Real Housewives franchise has helped lay the foundation for many aspiring personalities and entrepreneurs eager to create their own personal brands. Hear from Real Housewife fan-favorite Dorinda Medley on the ups and downs of building a brand and the work it takes to stay on top.

Dorinda Medley
Lisa Granatstein - Adweek
Dorinda Medley Lisa Granatstein
11:15 AM - 11:35 AM
Breakout – Storytelling
changing consumer behavior through education

Launched in 2007, Supergoop! has a powerful mission: change the way the world thinks about sunscreen. The brand is now an influencer favorite and reaching unprecedented new heights with an “always learning” mentality that helps consumers make informed and conscious decisions. In this workshop, Supergoop! CEO Amanda Baldwin shares how its sunscreen is powerfully changing consumer behavior and leading through innovation. She’ll explore the ways they are doubling down on human-to-human relationship building and educational storytelling amongst its loyal customers.

Amanda Baldwin - Supergoop!
David Kaplan - Adweek
Amanda Baldwin David Kaplan
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Breakout – Brand Perception
improving lives one shoe at a time

In recent years, more brands have positioned their product to connect with their consumers in impactful ways. TOMS has always been at the forefront of authentic impact in communities all over the world and is known as the shoe brand that invests 1/3 of their profits for grassroots good. TOMS continues to build meaningful connections through its partnerships by creating positive changes in boosting mental health, physical safety, and equal access to opportunity.

Hear from Amy Smith, TOMS’ Chief Strategy and Impact Officer, on leading the charge for a more responsible fashion industry through highly conscious, demand-driven action, and what this means for the future of the brand.

Amy Smith - TOMS
Ian Stewart - TOMS
Rafael Canton - Adweek
Amy Smith Ian Stewart Rafael Canton
11:20 AM - 11:40 AM
Breakout – TV
buffing up your tv spend

Tonal is being called one of the smartest home gyms, equipped with progress tracking and cutting-edge intelligence. With a growing focus on TV advertising, Tonal has transformed the way we can access workouts in the ever-changing digital age. Tonal Chief Marketing Officer, Christopher Stadler tells us how fitness has become a top activity for the home and how to best leverage streaming channels to reach a targeted audience.

Chris Stadler - Tonal
Terry Stanley - Adweek
Chris Stadler Terry Stanley
11:40 AM - 12:10 PM
Breakout – Storytelling
Navigating Celebrity and Brand with Whipshots and R&CPMK

Join lifestyle brand experts for an interactive case study on the Whipshots launch by Starco brands and celebrity Co-founder Cardi B. Learn best practices for launching celebrity forward brands, the best ways to create a PR narrative that goes beyond one and done and how to position a new launch in a crowded marketplace. After the case study deep dive, David Dreyer, CMO of Whipshots, and Beth Andrews, EVP of Consumer Marketing at R&CPMK, will answer audience questions.

Beth Andrews - R&CPMK
Dave Dreyer - Starco Brands
Beth Andrews Dave Dreyer
Breakout – Brand Perception
Finding a white space by building an emotional connection with people through product

How you build relationships with your consumers sets you apart from the competition. That’s why Keurig Dr Pepper teamed up with ProQuo to identify their audience, focus on building that emotional connection through their products and optimize their marketing campaigns based on real-time data of people’s thoughts and feelings. During this workshop, we’ll cover how brands have built relationships with their consumers, how Keurig Dr Pepper found their whitespace by mastering their emotional connection and how your brand can follow suit.

Brittany Pinney - ProQuo AI
Liz McCrorey - Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.
Brittany Pinney Liz McCrorey
11:45 AM - 12:05 PM
Breakout – TV
Let’s be direct: TV, streaming and targeting

SmileDirectClub created a smarter, better way to straighten teeth – and it leverages both TV and streaming channels to deliver its memorable marketing to consumers. Learn how they apply their value “D3: Data, Discuss, Deliver” while navigating the evolving TV and streaming landscape to reach target audiences, find efficiencies and attempt the impossible: measure attribution.

John Sheldon - Smile Direct Club
Mollie Cahillane - Adweek
John Sheldon Mollie Cahillane
12:15 PM - 12:35 PM
Main Stage
how yeti is keeping cool in an age of disruption
From a cooler to a full-blown lifestyle brand that outdoor enthusiasts proudly don on hats, shirts and stickers, Yeti has redefined what a brand can be and shows no signs of slowing. The company continues to reach new heights by experimenting with different content including a new streaming service, pursuing transformative risks, and doubling down on its community. Hear from Paulie Dery, YETI Vice President of Marketing, who shares actionable insights on the brand's successes and challenges while adapting to this new era of disruption.
Paulie Dery - Yeti
Stephen Lepitak - Adweek
Paulie Dery Stephen Lepitak
12:40 PM - 1:00 PM
Main Stage
A Conversation With Executive Producer and Host of “America’s Big Deal” and legendary inventor Joy Mangano, the OG of CX

Long before marketers were focused on funnels, Joy Mangano, the founder of the CleanBoss brand, and Executive Producer and Host of “America’s Big Deal”, best known for hundreds of game-changing products, everything from the Miracle Mop to handheld clothing steamers, Joy was among the first to harness the power of TV to connect with consumers.

Hear how Joy became one the most influential and trusted entrepreneurs in the TV shopping space, sold over $3 billion worth of products and the lessons she learned along the way.

Joy Mangano - CleanBoss
David Griner - Adweek
Joy Mangano David Griner
1:05 PM - 1:10 PM
Main Stage
1:10 PM - 1:30 PM
Main Stage
Reddit on Community 2.0: Unleashing the Power of Online Communities

Community has always been a part of the human experience, but the ways in which we seek connection have changed a lot in recent years. We call this shift Community 2.0—centered around the idea of meaningful involvement, community ownership, and a deeper sense of belonging.

This shift requires a new set of behaviors and expectations from both brands and community members. At Reddit, we understand the evolving expectations of what community means to people, which is why we are the #1 place for community online. Brands that understand the value of Community 2.0, and integrate its tenets into their own strategies, can harness the power of their users and unleash meaningful engagement that builds long term loyalty, advocacy, and value.

In this session, Reddit takes the virtual stage to discuss how engaging with the communities on the platform shape marketing strategies, tips on how to show up authentically in online conversations, and creative ways brands can tap into the power of their communities.

Ryan Angerami - Reddit
Erin Bailey - Hydrow
Ryan Angerami Erin Bailey
1:35 PM - 1:55 PM
Main Stage
A Unique Approach to Disruption
Status quo marketing practices and strategies are no longer adequate to build brands that breakthrough to touch the hearts of today's consumers. Although oftentimes outshouted and outspent by competitors, American Family Insurance's approach has yielded marketplace success by leveraging fearless dreamers rather than critters and mascots. In this session, join Sherina Smith, American Family Insurance's VP of Marketing as she explains how as a challenger brand, the company recognizes that dreamers can change the world by unlocking the power of diversity as a competitive advantage, and how bringing equity to the marketing value chain will deliver award-winning and business driving growth.
Sherina Smith - American Family Insurance
Sherina Smith
2:00 PM - 2:20 PM
Main Stage
Unpacking the Value of Purpose: Why Business for Good is Good for Business

Just like we’re drawn to humans with purpose and intention, we’re also driven to brands who have integrity, are clear on what they stand for and show up authentically. In response to recent global events, consumers continue to shift their priorities and focus on their values and purpose. Companies that lead with purpose are more trusted and loved with recent studies finding that eighty-five percent of people will only consider a brand if deemed trustworthy.

Join Alicia Carey, Global Head of Agency Development at Microsoft Advertising and Obele Brown-West, Chief Solutions Officer at Tinuti as they grapple with the tough but important questions including whether purpose is the new currency, how to build an effective strategy around purposeful marketing, what are the major risks to be aware of, and why purpose matters for all brands, just as it does for humans.

Alicia Carey - Microsoft Advertising
Obele Brown-West - Tinuiti
Alicia Carey Obele Brown-West
2:25 PM - 2:50 PM
Main Stage
smooth marketing moves

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar saw its pop culture moment with an ad featuring country singer Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” hit, and a viral TikTok dance choreographed by Hayes and his 15-year-old daughter, Lela. The song jumped to No. 1 on Billboard’s chart, inspired more than 800,000 different TikTok videos and sent hungry fans into restaurants nationwide, providing great buzz for the brand.

Join Adweek as we hear from Applebee’s CMO Joel Yashinsky, who will share the innovative strategy and insights behind the successful campaign with superfan Walker Hayes.

Joel Yashinsky - Applebee's Neighborhood Grill + Bar
Heide Palermo - Adweek
Walker Hayes
Joel Yashinsky Heide Palermo Walker Hayes
2:50 PM - 2:55 PM
Main Stage
Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining!

Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
Matt Steinmetz
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Taste of Brandweek: Claire's

Kristin Patrick, Claire’s Global CMO shares a vision for brand evolution and the future growth for a much beloved brand. Join the transformation journey as she takes Claire’s from legacy to longevity with one of the most savvy, creative & connected generations ever.


Kristin Patrick - Claire's
Kristin Patrick
Taste of brandweek: russell athletic

Every brand has a story. This is ours. Join Senior Marketing Director, Greg Galbraith, and Marketing & Brand Communications Manager, Beth Adams, as they discuss the evolution of the heritage brand, importance of navigating today’s retail landscape, and power of collaboration, as well as the secrets to maintaining credibility on and off the field.

Greg Galbraith - Russell Athletic
Beth Adams - Russel Athletic
Greg Galbraith Beth Adams
Taste of Brandweek: Topicals

Topicals Founder and CEO, Olamide Olowe, created the company with the vision to transform the way all people feel about their skin by developing a brand identity that connects shared skin experiences and fosters inclusive and diverse voices in all aspects of the organization. Topicals highlights the importance of creating awareness and solutions to chronic skin conditions through its products, marketing model and social media strategy by showcasing individuals with skin conditions and models whom society may consider “unconventional.” The company utilizes its platform to glamorize and normalize real skin, real bodies and real people. Join Olamide as she breaks down the significance and effectiveness of these initiatives and learn how Topicals is paving the way for the next phase of beauty.

Olamide Olowe - Topicals
Olamide Olowe
Taste of Brandweek: Express

Join Express CMO Sara Tervo and SVP of eCommerce Brian Seewald who will speak to the transformation of Express to a brand with a purpose powered by a styling community. They will share how a brand that has always been known for setting and reflecting fashion trends has embraced its “of the now” heritage in new and innovative ways.

Brian Seewald - Express
Sara Tervo - Express
Brian Seewald Sara Tervo
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Taste of Brandweek: Crafthouse Cocktails

RTD cocktails are surging in popularity now, but in 2013, Matt Lindner and Charles Joly’s idea to create a bar-quality canned tipple was groundbreaking in the nascent category. There were a few other RTDs around at the time, but they were all commercial cocktail simulacrums, created by large companies whose primary concern was their bottom line. Joly and Lindner instead focused on replicating the drinks they were making for discerning bar patrons, using small-batch craft spirits in place of malt base, nixing the excess sugar and sticking to all-natural ingredients. They essentially moved the Craft Cocktail Revival off-premise. Crafthouse Co-Founder & CEO, Matt Lindner, will talk about building an RTD from the ground up including how the brand plans to stay relevant, grow its share in the marketplace and show up in new ways in 2022. 

Matt Lindner - Crafthouse Cocktails
Matt Lindner
Taste of Brandweek: Kosterina

Katerina (Katina) Mountanos founded Kosterina to connect consumers with powerful but simple, flavorful ingredients - starting with the humble pantry staple, extra virgin olive oil. Join Katina to see why you don't need a groundbreaking new invention to gain the trust and loyalty of consumers. Hear how Katina harnessed the power of storytelling, consumer education and clear brand pillars - vital to the brand’s identity, from packaging to hiring - to win over new customers while strengthening a loyal fan base.

Katerina Mountanos - Kosterina
Katerina Mountanos
Taste of Brandweek: Oatly

How Oatly, the world’s original and largest oatmilk company, opens emotional doors, breaks marketing rules and gets consumers psyched about products that are good for the planet.

Heidi Hackemer - Oatly
Heidi Hackemer
Time Zone: (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Taste of Brandweek: Flax Home

What began as launching a linen bedding company amongst three friends who shared a deep appreciation for a good night's rest has led to becoming a home goods DTC brand. Vivian McCormick, CEO & co-founder shares what it's like to leave your corporate job, jump into the entrepreneur seat, start a business and brand from square one. From start-up life to bringing on first employees, cultivating truly customer-centric relationships and taking a brand through expansion for growth into new markets, you'll hear how to build a brand that stands out in an ever-changing eCommerce space while staying true to your origin story.

Vivian McCormick - Flax Home
Vivian McCormick
taste of brandweek: corkcicle

Corkcicle CEO, Chris McDonough, shares a wealth of expertise, having inspired, and led teams across a wide range of business disciplines. Join Chris to discover the power of partnerships and innovation to unlock growth in the dynamic world of omnichannel retail.

Chris McDonough - Corkcicle
Chris McDonough
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
taste of brandweek: kencko

9 in 10 Americans don’t get their five-a-day: the minimum servings of fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet. At the same time, 40-50% of fresh produce ends up in landfill. Join CEO Tomás Froes and Head of Nutrition, Mallory Gonzales to learn how fast-growing food tech startup kencko is tackling both these problems with the promise of maximum nutrition, minimum waste. We’ll talk B-Corp, global sourcing, overcoming scale-up challenges, building healthy habits, and nutrition as a service - all fuelled by some of kencko’s delicious, additive-free organic smoothies.

Tomás Froes - Kencko
Mallory Gonzalez - Kencko
Tomás Froes Mallory Gonzalez
Taste of Brandweek: LAKE Pajamas

LAKE is rooted in finding comfort in the everyday, and sharing that comfort with those you love. From Valentine’s Day to the Fourth of July, LAKE provides gifting-friendly limited edition prints, and Instagramable matching sets that create excitement in their community - often leading to rapid sellouts! Learn from co-founders Anne Read Lattimore and Cassandra Cannon about how they have built LAKE as the go-to brand for life's coziest moments, helping families to celebrate holidays big and small year round, all while building brand loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

Anne Read Lattimore and Cassandra Cannon - LAKE pajamas
Anne Read Lattimore and Cassandra Cannon
Taste of Brandweek: SHESPOKE

SHESPOKE Co-Founder and CEO Kelsey Groome joins us to speak about the power that personalization holds when cultivating community. Through their digital platform, the SheSpeaker, SHESPOKE is the first beauty brand to fully scale customizable lipstick and lipgloss. Founded upon the premise that makeup should be an inclusive, fun tool of self-expression, the SheSpeaker platform has played a significant role in scaling their community-driven brand.

Kelsey Groome - SHESPOKE
Kelsey Groome
10:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Breakout – Emerging Tech
ulta beauty’s digital store of the future

To succeed post-pandemic, omnichannel retailers are implementing cutting-edge strategies to bridge the physical and digital worlds without forgoing the human element of connection. Ulta Beauty is no exception to the movement utilizing emerging tech and partnerships to allow customers to try-on lipstick and eyeshadow, find a personalized skin routine or take a lash quiz all leveraging AI and AR. Hear from Prama Bhatt, Chief Digital Officer at Ulta Beauty, as she explores how the brand continues to evolve and push the boundaries of experiential shopping, what lies ahead for its customer journey, and what forward-thinking marketers need to know about connecting digital, physical, and emotional experiences.

Prama Bhatt - Ulta
Jessica Zafarris - Adweek
Prama Bhatt Jessica Zafarris
Breakout – Sustainability
Inspiring the Next Generation of Conservationists

Since 1856 Orvis has been a purpose-driven company and trusted guide, inspiring millions to love the adventure of and wonder in nature with a fly rod in hand or a dog by their side. Rooted in family values, over the past 60 years Orvis has been a leader and pioneer in the sustainable future of fly fishing, wingshooting and the natural world - championing habitat restoration and conservation through partnerships, engagement, and the company’s longstanding commitment to donating 5% of pre-tax profits to ensure outdoor passions can be passed from generation to generation. Join Adweek as we hear from Sheila Pollak, Chief Brand Experience Officer, how Orvis has established “Generations of Connection to Nature” as a key strategic brand pillar and is building its roadmap to being a more sustainable company, guiding the next 160 years of ensuring the outdoors is healthy and accessible to all.

Sheila Shekar Pollak - Orvis
Chris Ariens - Adweek
Sheila Shekar Pollak Chris Ariens
Breakout – Influencer Marketing
Leveraging Strong Voices - Disrupting the intimates category

Knix, the female-founded intimates brand, has quickly established itself as a true contender in the direct-to-consumer, size-inclusive space. Hear from Founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths, and Knix Global Ambassador on living unapologetically free as well as purpose-driven initiatives like "Life After Birth", which aims to normalize, celebrate, and honor postpartum experiences.

Joanna Griffiths - Knix
Emmy Liederman - Adweek
Joanna Griffiths Emmy Liederman
10:25 AM - 10:45 AM
Breakout – Sustainability
Going beyond advertising to demonstrating action: How Two Good is Tackling Food Insecurity with Purpose Driven Consumers

As one of the world’s largest certified B Corporations, Danone North America is focused on bringing health through food to as many people as possible. Launched in 2019 as a game-changing low sugar offering the innovative yogurt brand Two Good was created with the purpose of “doing more with less”. In just a few short years the brand has launched new product lines to reduce food waste and fight food insecurity, appealing to the growing trend of consumers looking to support brands that take action on pressing social issues. Hear from Surbhi Martin, Vice President of Greek Yogurt & Functional Nutrition on how Two Good was created with purpose at its center and how Danone’s purpose is lived through each of its brands to drive greater measurable impact.

Surbhi Martin - Danone North America
Paul Hiebert - Adweek
Surbhi Martin Paul Hiebert
10:25 AM - 10:55 AM
Breakout – Emerging Tech
Why Offline Channels are the Next Big Growth Drivers for Challenger Brands

Helping brands capture consumer insights in the offline world has always been done poorly, but as challenger brands look to scale past digital-only marketing channels they need a better solution. Hear how emerging technologies like Flowcode are helping challenger brands create instant interactions and measurable consumer engagements across TV, print and OOH.

Jim Norton - Flowcode
Alessandra Agurcia - Univision
Collette Winn - NBCUniversal
Jesse Bongiovi - Hampton Water Wine
Jim Norton Alessandra Agurcia Collette Winn Jesse Bongiovi
Breakout – Influencer Marketing
how to maximize your creator relationship

The creator economy has arrived and the relationship between the creator and brand has never been more important. Creators are key to a brand’s social success and bottom line. Hear from Whalar Talent Managing Director Victoria Bachan and content creator, actress, and host of HBO Max’s adventure competition Karma, Michelle Khare, as they explore how brands can think differently and diversify their channel strategies as they engage in creator relationships.

Victoria Bachan - Whalar
Michelle Khare - Content Creator, Actress and Host of HBO Max’s Adventure Competition, "Karma"
Victoria Bachan Michelle Khare
11:00 AM - 11:05 AM
Main Stage
Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.

Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
Matt Steinmetz
11:05 AM - 11:25 AM
Main Stage
Raising the Sustainability Stakes

Whole Foods Market, known for its locally and ethically sourced products, plant-based assortment, and organic selections, is on a mission to be known for more than being a green grocer, thanks to efforts like its food redistribution program to reduce food waste and feed communities.

Join Whole Foods CMO Sonya Gafsi Oblisk on the supermarket’s purpose-driven ambitions.

Sonya Gafsi Oblisk - Whole Foods
Kathryn Lundstrom - Adweek
Sonya Gafsi Oblisk Kathryn Lundstrom
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Main Stage
Why ILY Should Be a Marketing Acronym

Customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to be seen and heard. We shouldn’t just be thinking about our customers as targets. Instead we should consider them a love interest and make sure they feel the love in every interaction we have with them.

Join Kate Gunning, Head of Marketing at for a look in to the way she approaches injecting love and emotion in to the brands she’s helped build.

Kate Gunning -
Kate Gunning
11:55 AM - 12:00 PM
Main Stage
12:00 PM - 12:20 PM
Main Stage
Sustainably at Supersonic Speeds

With plans to become the world’s fastest airliner, Boom Supersonic is developing the Overture commercial supersonic plane to be the most sustainable. Set to begin flying passengers in 2029, the supersonic flights on Overture could fly passengers from Tokyo to Seattle in just over 4 hours, compared to more than 8 hours today.

Join Boom President and Chief Commercial Officer Kathy Savitt, who will discuss the plan to make supersonic flights both mainstream and with sustainability in mind.


Kathy Savitt - Boom Supersonic
Rob Klara - Adweek
Kathy Savitt Rob Klara
12:25 PM - 12:45 PM
Main Stage
Executing Excellence

One of the nation’s premier agribusiness and food brands, Land O’Lakes, Inc. is shaking up the agriculture industry by leveraging tech platforms to innovate and meet consumer demands. Purpose driven initiatives that are critical for the planet, strengthening the backbone of food supply chain amidst COVID-19, and retaining a customer-centric approach with unique brand marketing across all businesses and geographies – set the 100-year-old brand apart from others.

Land O’ Lakes CMO Heather Malenshek joins Adweek to talk customer loyalty, the flexibility of shifting industry dynamics, and how best to transform the future of agriculture through innovative strategy and development.

Heather Malenshek - Land O’Lakes
Lisa Lacy - Adweek
Heather Malenshek Lisa Lacy
12:50 PM - 1:10 PM
Main Stage
Shape Shifting for a New Era 

Abercrombie & Fitch, a cultural clothing mecca for teens in the 1990s and early 2000s has transformed to reach its next generation of shoppers. From collaborating with content creators on TikTok and Fortnite to celebrating inclusivity and diversity by using models of varying ethnicities and body types, the brand is doubling down on a community-led approach. Getting personal, celebrating new styles, and leaning into emerging technologies and platforms are just a few tactics supporting the brand’s 2021 metamorphosis. 

Hear from Carey Collins Krug, SVP and Head of Marketing at Abercrombie & Fitch, as and Corey Robinson, SVP of Merchandising and Design as they explore the company’s quest to change the perception of the brand with new marketing and the role of social media in revamping their well-established identity for a new era. 

Carey Collins Krug - Abercrombie Brands
Corey Robinson - Abercrombie & Fitch
Olivia Morley - Adweek
Carey Collins Krug Corey Robinson Olivia Morley
1:15 PM - 1:20 PM
Main Stage
1:20 PM - 1:40 PM
Main Stage
The Future of Marketing Decisions: How Creative Data is Changing the Industry

It’s no secret that the marketing industry is rapidly evolving, and marketers are now geared up with new tools and technologies that can help drive efficiency and business results. With so many different platforms, ad units, and creative elements constantly arising, how can you ensure your marketing strategy is also evolving with the industry? Join Andrea Ward, Chief Marketing Officer at VidMob, and Will Post, Head of Business Development for VidMob as they discuss how informing creative with data is the future of marketing, and the key components that will affect marketing decisions over the coming years, including new workflow and collaboration tools, improved cross platform reporting, and more.

Will Post - VidMob
Andrea Ward - VidMob
Will Post Andrea Ward
1:45 PM - 2:05 PM
Redefining Beauty with Keys Soulcare and Alicia Keys

For Grammy award-winning icon Alicia Keys, “Beauty is kindness, bravery, this undefinable thing that comes from the inside out.” This philosophy is embedded in her lifestyle beauty brand Keys Soulcare, a brand that transcends traditional beauty boundaries to help us connect more deeply with ourselves - body, mind and soul. Vibe higher with the multihyphenate artist and entrepreneur in conversation with Kory Marchisotto, President of Keys Soulcare on changing the face of beauty.

Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare
Kory Marchisotto - Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty and President, Keys Soulcare
Danny Wright - Adweek
Alicia Keys Kory Marchisotto Danny Wright
2:10 PM - 2:15 PM
Main Stage
Adweek Closing Remarks
Thank you for joining!
Danny Wright - Adweek
Danny Wright
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM
taste of brandweek: immi

immi is tackling the $46bn stale instant ramen industry that has seen no product innovation in decades by inventing the world’s first low-carb, high-protein, and 100% plant-based instant ramen. Learn how immi built a private community with thousands of members to validate demand for their new ramen innovation and how they leverage their community to rapidly collect taste feedback at a fraction of time and cost, generate tens of thousands of waitlist customers, and create evangelists that have helped them scale to a multi-million dollar run rate in their first year of launch.

Kevin Lee - immi
Kevin Chan - immi
Kevin Lee Kevin Chan
taste of brandweek: kiwico

Hear how KiwiCo is on a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators by disrupting traditional playtime, reinforcing critical thinking skills and asking questions that spark engaging conversations between parents and kids. So far, 35 million KiwiCo crates have been delivered around the world - offering hands-on activities that enrich young minds and inspire a lifetime love of learning. Discover how KiwiCo has the experience, thoughtfulness, products and most importantly the science, to equip children with the creative confidence today and empower them to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Katie Soo - KiwiCo
Katie Soo
taste of brandweek: babylist

As a seasoned software engineer and expecting parent herself, CEO Natalie Gordon founded Babylist after noticing a lack of guidance in the world of baby-commerce. A decade later, she’s now built a profitable, sustainable business based on long-standing trust with parents as well as the friends and family that form a community around each baby. Join Natalie and learn how to create a destination that captures a high-intent audience.

Natalie Gordon - Babylist
Natalie Gordon
taste of Brandweek: häagen-dazs

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, home to iconic brands like Häagen-Dazs Drumstick, Outshine, Edy’s/Dreyer’s and others, has 100+ years of winning experience in the ice cream industry. Since joining forces in 2020 with the leading global ice cream company, Froneri, several brands in the portfolio, like Häagen-Dazs, have started to think differently about every aspect of branding. From creativity to purpose, Häagen-Dazs has reflected on its brand heritage and engaged a diverse array of tastemakers to showcase new passions and uplift underrepresented communities. Chief Marketing Officer for Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Elizabell Marquez, joins us on behalf of Häagen-Dazs and the portfolio to discuss the implications of marketing for a brand that spans many generations, and demonstrate how its 2021 campaign “That's Dazs” attracted new audiences and platforms for the first time in brand history.

Elizabell Marquez - Häagen-Dazs for Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
Elizabell Marquez
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Taste of Brandweek: APL

Co-Founders, Co-CEOs and twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston launched APL in 2010 as a DTC brand with the first shoe ever banned by the NBA for performance enhancement reasons. Today APL is the world leader in the category they’ve created, luxury performance, and the Goldston’s have profitably bootstrapped APL to billions with innovative products and a deep connection with their customer. Join them as they discuss their journey and where APL is headed.

Adam and Ryan Goldston - APL
Adam and Ryan Goldston
Taste of Brandweek: OffLimits

OffLimits' offensively delicious cereal is here to give people permission to eat cereal again. Founder Emily Miller will share the company's brand story and talk about building a disruptive cult following through TikTok, cultural activations like partnerships with artists, and more. Emily will also give insight into how she is thinking about web3 and why DTC brands should be looking to the metaverse for expansion.

Emily Miller - OffLimits
Emily Miller
Taste of Brandweek: Framebridge

Why is it such a hassle to frame the things we love? What would you display if framing were easy and affordable? Framebridge blends ecommerce, retail, logistics, and an intense focus on the customer experience to make custom framing easy. Frambridge is expanding the category by balancing commercial scale with an intense focus on hand-crafted quality to make framing faster, more affordable, and more enjoyable for everyone. Join Matt Sutton, Head of Marketing at Framebridge, to discuss how the brand is balancing D2C ecommerce growth with an expanding retail footprint (15+ stores) as they inspire people to live life and frame more. 

Matt Sutton - Framebridge
Matt Sutton
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Masterclass: The Importance of Brand Voice and Tone

Having a strong, authentic voice continues to be critical to a brand’s survival in an era of constantly evolving platforms and digital technologies. Permeable through virtually every touchpoint, voice and tone are more than just marketing tactics for standing out above the crowd, rather an important bridge between you and your audience and a way to showcase your personality and establish trust.

Join Kate Gunning, Head of Marketing at , Andy Pearson, VP of Creative at Liquid Death, and David Bornoff, Head of Brand Marketing at DoorDash as they explore ways to level-up your brand voice to rise above the noise and customers relate to and remember you.

Kate Gunning -
Andy Pearson - Liquid Death
David Bornoff - DoorDash
Kate Gunning Andy Pearson David Bornoff
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Taste of Brandweek: Feel Good Foods

Feel Good Foods was co-founded by entrepreneur, Vanessa Phillips, who after being diagnosed Celiac, began her career in the culinary industry running and developing the gluten-free menu at popular NYC restaurant, Friedman’s. She eventually shifted to the CPG space to make her gluten-free comfort food creations accessible to all. Today, Feel Good Foods offers a wide array of globally inspired, nostalgic, comfort foods with chef-developed recipes that use fewer and better-for-you ingredients. Learn from Vanessa on how to lead with innovation, and taste new snacks!.

Vanessa Phillips - Feel Good Foods
Vanessa Phillips
Taste of Brandweek: calirosa

Join Calirosa’s CCO, David Gimpelson, as he shares the brand’s disruptive approach to marketing and distribution by leveraging authenticity, unique product, and the power of celebrity to break through a crowded market.

David Gimpelson - Calirosa
David Gimpelson
Taste of Brandweek: CAVA

CAVA’s ethos have always been rooted in the Mediterranean Way, bringing heart, health and humanity to food. As a multi-pronged and multi-dimensional brand, CAVA is not defined by format but by cuisine – Mediterranean. CAVA was founded with the goal of serving uncommonly delicious and effortlessly nutritious Mediterranean cuisine in a variety of ways that fulfills the needs of our customers. In doing so, CAVA has successfully grown as a brand, trusted for its culinary authority showcased through bold, vibrant flavors available to guests in a variety of formats.

Brett Schulman - CAVA Group Inc.
Brett Schulman
10:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Breakout – Corporate Social Responsibility
Diversifying the Sonic Experience

Dynamic leaders in the audio sphere, SiriusXM's platforms collectively connect over 150 million listeners across 5,000+ shows consistently reaching their diverse target audience and remaining at the forefront of cultural conversations. Through recent efforts like the "Stand for Sonic Diversity" initiative, the powerful duo is championing efforts to blur the sonic color lines and embrace a world that is more sonically diverse. In this session, hear from Nicole Hughey, Senior Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at SiriusXM + Pandora, and Roger Gehrmann, Executive Creative Director at SXM Media, as they offer actionable insights around how they spearhead their stance for diversity and bring the company's core mission to life.

Roger Gehrmann - SXM Media
Nicole Hughey - SiriusXm + Pandora
Rafael Canton - Adweek
Roger Gehrmann Nicole Hughey Rafael Canton
Breakout – eCommerce
Unboxing an E-commerce Strategy

The Container Store doubled down on its mission of delivering a frictionless customer experience by enhancing and simplifying their ecommerce customer journey. The company’s CMO Melissa Collins will discuss how recent partnerships and site enhancements have fueled ecommerce growth, and what’s on the horizon for the brand.

Melissa Collins - The Container Store
Lisa Lacy - Adweek
Melissa Collins Lisa Lacy
Breakout – Agile Marketer
Creating loyalty through personalization

Verizon is leading the charge in navigating the increasingly digital intersection between brands, consumers and commerce. From new technology, partnerships with industry-leading brands, in-demand entertainment options and solutions to complement lifestyles, Verizon’s strategy embraces the personalized experiences that customers covet. Join Verizon Consumer Group VP and Head of Content & Partnerships Erin McPherson to discuss the innovation behind today’s curated experiences.

Erin McPherson - Verizon
Jessica Zafarris - Adweek
Erin McPherson Jessica Zafarris
10:25 AM - 10:45 AM
Breakout – Agile Marketer
Agile Marketing with Athletic Greens

The profile of Athletic Greens has explored in the past two years, as the company has gone from one of wellness’s best kept secrets, to a billion-dollar brand. As AG1 becomes a cultural phenomenon, the brand looks to harness emerging trends in communication platforms and creator partnerships to break through in a crowded and confused market. Hear from Athletic Green’s VP of Brand, Beckley Mason, on how the brand stays one nimble and aggressive as the headcount and expectations grow.

Beckley Mason - Athletic Greens
Chris Ariens - Adweek
Beckley Mason Chris Ariens
Breakout – eCommerce
accelerating your e-commerce playbook

Surabhi Pokhriyal, Chief Digital Growth Officer of Church & Dwight joins Adweek to discuss the benefits of innovative digital commerce and creating omnichannel experiences in the competitive market and how to keep your brand emotionally connected with consumers.

Surabhi Pokhriyal - Church & Dwight
David Kaplan - Adweek
Surabhi Pokhriyal David Kaplan
11:00 AM - 11:05 AM
Main Stage
Adweek Opening Remarks
Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.
Danny Wright - Adweek
Danny Wright
11:05 AM - 11:25 AM
Main Stage
A Brand Strategy for All Ages
With the average lifespan of a toy being 3-5 years, maintaining cultural relevance across successive generations of parents and their children is something leading global toy company takes very seriously. From product refreshes to innovation and marketing narratives, the 76-year-old company is doubling down on opportunities to create unprecedented experiences that inspire and entertain fans of all ages. Join Adweek as we hear from Mattel President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Dickson on how the toymaker is tapping into the Mattel Playbook to celebrate and stretch their iconic intellectual property, which includes a portfolio of household names including Barbie, Fisher Price, American Girl, and Hot Wheels. By collaborating with everyone from Cameo and TikTok to Kith, Mattel is connecting to culture in new and unexpected ways with the evolving role and importance of social media and traditional advertising methods top of mind.
Richard Dickson - Mattel
Jameson Fleming - Adweek
Richard Dickson Jameson Fleming
11:30 AM - 11:55 AM
Main Stage
Martha Stewart on Next Level Branding, From CBDs to NFTs

Lifestyle icon and entrepreneur Martha Stewart has built a global media and brand empire of products that espouse good living, from home and entertaining to beauty and wellness. The open secret to Martha’s unrivaled success has always been her willingness to explore the new and the next. Join Adweek for a very special conversation with Martha on what has captured her interest today, including her latest foray into the CBD space, NFTs, and recently launched marketplace.

Martha Stewart - Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Lisa Granatstein - Adweek
Martha Stewart Lisa Granatstein
11:55 AM - 12:00 PM
Main Stage
12:00 PM - 12:20 PM
Main Stage
How to Create a Winning Endorsement 
As brands look to grow strategic partnerships with ambassadors and widen their global reach, securing influencers who align with their brand can take company values to the next level. Join Adweek for a fireside chat with U.S. steeplechase champion and Lululemon Ambassador Colleen Quigley and Lululemon Chief Brand Officer Nikki Neuburger on finding and creating successful - and authentic - brand-influencer relationships.
Colleen Quigley - lululemon
Nikki Neuburger - lululemon
Terry Stanley - Adweek
Colleen Quigley Nikki Neuburger Terry Stanley
12:25 PM - 12:45 PM
Main Stage
Create. Educate. Entertain. Can the creator economy save education? 

Creators have already disrupted entertainment and advertising, is education next? Join Encantos' Chief Growth Officer Julie Fleischer and Whalar's CMO Jamie Gutfreund as they discuss how Web3 can lead to better opportunities for kids and families.

Julie Fleischer - Encantos
Jamie Gutfreund - Whalar
Julie Fleischer Jamie Gutfreund
12:50 PM - 1:10 PM
Main Stage
BEYOND BEAUTY: Community, Individuality and Empowerment
IPSY, a BFA Industries brand, is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions in the modern market. IPSY continues to thrive in the ever-evolving beauty landscape with a multi-faceted 360 marketing strategy, a hyper personalized experience, and a dynamic "challenging-the-status" leadership team. Hear from two of these leaders, Lani Kuramoto, SVP of Marketing at IPSY, and Jenna Habayeb, Chief Brand Officer at BFA, on how the brand celebrates its three pillars of community, individuality, and empowerment to make beauty more inclusive and welcoming to all.
Lani Kuramoto - IPSY
Jenna Habayeb - BFA
Lani Kuramoto Jenna Habayeb
1:15 PM - 1:20 PM
Main Stage
1:20 PM - 1:40 PM
Main Stage
Rising to the Occasion: Creating Loyalty by Meeting Your Clients Where They Are

Marketing plays a critical role in creating a positive customer experience. To build brand loyalty you need to understand and adapt to customer’s changing needs which often requires innovation. In this discussion Larisa Summers, the Chief Marketing Officer for Convene, and Adweek's Matt Steinmetz will discuss how marketing impacts customer retention. They will discuss how Convene created a product to adapt to clients' new way of working; the impact of brand equity; and the importance customer experience plays in strengthening brand loyalty.

Larisa Summers - Convene
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
Larisa Summers Matt Steinmetz
1:45 PM - 2:05 PM
Main Stage
Creating a Diversified Business + 2022 Trends

NBA star Kevin Durant and entrepreneur Rich Kleiman share insights into how they built their investment portfolio, their Boardroom media platform, and more including the future of cryptocurrency.

Rich Kleiman - Thirty Five Ventures
Kevin Durant - Thirty Five Ventures
Danny Wright - Adweek
Rich Kleiman Kevin Durant Danny Wright
2:10 PM - 2:15 PM
Main Stage
Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining!

Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
Matt Steinmetz
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Taste of Brandweek: Move with Linds

Learn how Lindsay Arnold leveraged her successful career on Dancing With The Stars to build a highly engaged and trusting community on social media. By finding her authentic self on the ever-changing platform, she's paved her own way and with that has increased her income over 5x in the past year and a half, built a successful on-demand fitness program, and has worked with brands to co-create products. 

Lindsay Arnold - Move with Linds
Lindsay Arnold
taste of brandweek: the knot worldwide

The world around us has shifted these past 2 years and couples have continued and adapted to declare their love, get engaged and get married. Some went on Zoom, others hosted minimonies and most postponed plans. Having helped over 25 million couples plan a wedding that’s uniquely their own - through the rise of the internet, the legalization of same-sex marriages, the necessary progression of diversity and inclusion, and a global pandemic - The Knot understands the power of innovation to remain the leading resource for all things wedding, for all couples. As Gen Z is up next to plan their weddings, The Knot is tapping into personalization through its Marketplace, leveraging key influencers, and promoting relationship, financial and mental health and wellness to continually establish its brand relevance and authority to the next generation of engaged couples.

Kiara Kempski - The Knot Worldwide
Kiara Kempski
taste of brandweek: luna bay booch

In the multi-billion dollar craft beer industry, only 23% of owners are women. That percentage gets even lower when you look at the small slice of the pie that is hard kombucha. When Bridget Connelly co-founded Luna Bay Booch in 2018, she knew the journey would be challenging but she saw her window of opportunity and took it. As the country's only female-founded and operated hard kombucha company on the market, Connelly will take us through an honest and candid discussion of the hurdles and defining moments for Luna Bay Booch.

Bridget Connelly - Luna Bay Booch
Bridget Connelly
taste of brandweek: Panera Bread

Taking months of product development and the expertise of trained chefs, and condensing it down into 15 seconds of eye-catching, enticing content is an art. Panera VP of brand building Drayton Martin talks about the importance of communicating key differentiators in the restaurant space – how to ensure brand comms remain eye catching while infusing them with quite literally, flavor.

Drayton Martin - Panera Bread
Drayton Martin
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
taste of brandweek: california olive ranch

Join California Olive Ranch CEO, Michael Fox, as he shares the story of how his company grew from a small olive orchard in California to one of the largest and strongest brands in the multibillion-dollar cooking oil market. He will share what he's learned in challenging incumbents in one industry, how he plans to challenge others, and how the company has evolved to support its growth while sustainably continuing to celebrate its original mission.

Michael Fox - California Olive Ranch
Michael Fox
Taste of Brandweek: Boxycharm

BoxyCharm is a leader in full-size beauty box subscriptions praised by some of the most influential names in beauty. Its secret sauce? A community-first merchandising strategy informed by the brand's incredibly passionate and engaged community of Charmers. Kristy Westrup, BFA (Beauty For All) Industries' SVP of Brand Partnerships & New Business Development, discusses how BoxyCharm enrolls its community to drive merchandising decisions and co-create an interactive, multi-platform experience.

Kristy Westrup - BoxyCharm
Kristy Westrup