Full Name
Ryan McClurkin
Job Title
Analytics Officer
Jewelry Television
Speaker Bio
Ryan leads the Business Analytics team at Jewelry Television (JTV), which focuses on advanced retail, marketing, and customer analytics to deliver rapid growth and customer acquisition. Ryan’s background is in leading analytics teams in the retail and supply chain/manufacturing realm. Over his career, Ryan has architected industry leading analytical models in product performance, e-commerce performance, broadcast performance, item pricing, marketing, and customer value measurement. Ryan joined JTV in 2010.

The primary focus of the Business Analytics team is on big-picture problems or opportunities. They ask the right questions, think creatively and dive deeply. This positions them to advise the executive team on recommended actions and innovative solutions. Additionally, they support long-term and short-term financial strategies to help guide the business and generate revenue growth.

Ryan leads his teams to thrive on intellectual curiosity. They focus on the delivery of actionable, analytical insights that effectuate change and growth.
Ryan McClurkin