Luke Anderson
In 2011, Luke Anderson was a math teacher at a public high school, and having yet to step foot in a dispensary in his life, he never imagined a future where he would be the Co-Founder of a cannabis brand, disrupting the industry with the first sessionable thc drink.

Fast forward eight years however, and in 2019, Luke joined his good friend and former Bain & Company colleague - Jake Bullock - to co-found Cann​ Social Tonics, a sessionable cannabis-infused beverage line that does just that!

While attending Stanford University where he received his B.S., Luke’s true passion for the beverage space started to shine through; in between classes, Luke crafted smoothies as manager of the campus Jamba Juice. Luke would routinely create off-menu drinks pairing juices and frozen fruit that he found to be even more delicious than those consumers could order, making this side job something Luke constantly looked forward to. After graduating he spent two years teaching math as a part of the Teach For America program, he was thirsty for a change - and joined Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant. During those two years he became obsessed with data, consumer trends, and how to spot winners in different retail categories.

His ongoing desire to be involved in the beverage industry space continued to grow, so much so that after receiving his M.B.A. at Harvard, Luke returned to the consumer packaged goods practice at Bain & Company, specializing in helping large and complex organizations behave more like startups, rapidly innovating their products and services. Although Luke had great interest in the beverage space, Cannabis had never been his thing - until this year! Luke co-created Cann to be showcased as the first cannabis product for someone new to the cannabis category, like Luke was, that is delicious and easy to digest, both physically and mentally.

Residing in Venice, CA, Luke is making it his mission to share how Cann is the perfect option for a new wave of cannabis consumers looking for a guilt-free social buzz. Luke focuses on highlighting how Cann
is not just for those exploring cannabis, but to anyone who is looking to moderate or reduce their alcohol consumption.
Luke Anderson