Kristin Hooper
Managing Director
Deloitte Digital
Kristin Hooper is a Managing Director in Customer & Marketing. She is a leader in our Ethos Offering, leading Polycultural Research for the Firm and infusing purpose, diversity, equity and inclusion into the marketing work she delivers in service of her clients. Outside of Kristin’s leadership role on Ethos, she has served as faculty for our Next Gen CMO Academy and is a member of our Human Experience Advisory Board. She also delivers work largely focused on Customer Strategy in the Retail, Consumer Goods, Wine, Spirits, Food, Media, Entertainment, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Energy spaces. Kristin serves as our firm’s Lead Engagement Partner in our consulting relationship with the Black Executive CMO Alliance (BECA) helping drive the BECA Playbook and Future Leaders Program which is a career accelerator that provides the soft and hard skills necessary for Black marketers to ascend into the C-Suite; is the Lead Engagement Partner in our Employer Brand focused creative work with a large hospital system; is part of the leadership team serving UNCF/HBCUv (an innovation in delivery of virtual education excellence among 9 collaborating HBCUs in partnership with UNCF); serves on the leadership team of one of our large Retail accounts; and is a part of several other of our account delivery teams.

Additionally, Kristin has spent her career in pursuit of the truth about humanity and culture. She is a passionate strategist, cultural anthropologist, design thinker, insights guru and innovative marketer. Kristin leverages her innate curiosity, deep understanding of research and data, marketing theory, consumer culture theory and "gut" to create insights that she uses to develop dynamic strategies that are the building blocks to strong narratives, stories, campaigns and content that she leverages to build iconic brands – and ultimately often create culture.

With over 20 years of experience – client-side, agency-side and consultancy-side, Kristin has worked in primary and secondary research, brand and consumer insights, planning, strategy, marketing (to include cross-cultural and multi-cultural marketing), communications, content creation, inclusion and diversity, measurement, and analytics. She has the ability to see all sides of a marketing problem and create solutions that drive impact.

Kristin holds a B.A. from Tufts University, a Master of Public Policy from Pepperdine University, and a Master of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Kristin Hooper