The Streaming Wars: Everything Marketers Should Know to Attract Hispanic Audiences 
Date & Time
Thursday, June 9, 2022, 12:05 PM - 12:25 PM
Isabel Rafferty Zavala Bilai Joa Silar Bill Bradley

Media organizations are rushing to provide streaming options for the growing Hispanic audience. However, the Hispanic market is still a fragmented set of audiences and therefore, faces a lack of representation. How do Hispanic audiences become more intertwined and accounted for within overall streaming audiences and the content that the platforms are delivering? 

Join Isabel Rafferty Zavala, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Canela Media and Bilai Joa Silar, SVP OTT Content, TelevisaUnivision, Inc. as they discuss the Hispanic streaming space and what it means for brand marketers to expand Spanish-language programming.