The TV industry is facing significant disruption following 2020, forcing marketers to grapple with how to adjust to a fragmented environment and navigate the obstacles and opportunities of a multiplatform future in which consumer behavior directly impacts content strategies.

Join Adweek's inaugural Elevate: TV and Video Measurement event as we tackle the ever-growing video measurement conundrum, and what the future holds. How can marketers ensure efficiencies? What role, if any, will third-party data play in 2021 and beyond?

Featured Speakers

Kelly Abcarian
Executive Vice President, Measurement and Impact, Advertising and Partnerships

Jamie Auslander
Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics

Ted Buell
Managing Director, Measurement and Analytics and Industry Marketing - Retail and Technology

Michael Carr
Director, Office and Brand Media Strategy and Planning

Ashish Chordia
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sean Cunningham
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Douglas
Chief Executive Officer

John Halley
Chief Operating Officer, Advertising Revenue, and EVP, Advanced Marketing Solutions

Travis Hockersmith
Vice President, Platform Business

Courtney Lawrie
Global Head of Brand and Integrated Growth Marketing, Wayfair

Bill Livek
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chairman

Caitlin Monaghan
Vice President, National Sales

Sean Muller
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ashwin Navin
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin O’Reilly
Senior Vice President of Product, Data and Monetization

Nico Ricci
Chief Scientist

Orchid Richardson
Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the IAB Data Center of Excellence

Phil Sandler
Head of Marketing and Growth

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12:00 PM — 12:05 PM ET

Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek

Danny W




12:05 PM — 12:25 PM ET

Resilience: Preparing for the Future of TV

Sean Cunningham leads VAB, U.S. marketer’s foremost industry source for insights-driven video research and intelligence. With the primary goal of helping marketers to make smarter, more educated media decisions an area of focus of late is the TV landscape and what the re-bound in a post-pandemic world will look like.

Join Sean as sits down with Adweek to explore the current space including lessons to be learned as we look ahead across content creation, advertising trends, analytics revenue streams, and more.


Sean Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer, VAB
Kelsey Sutton, Streaming Editor, Adweek





12:30 PM — 12:50 PM ET

Cross-Platform TV Measurement: Today’s Realities, Tomorrow’s Possibilities

We all hear and see it every day...the TV landscape is changing, cords are being cut (or never there in the first place), viewing habits are changing as fast as the content providers develop new platforms, and advertisers have more questions than answers about how to measure the collective impact of constant change in the space. In this session, we’ll discuss the state of cross-platform measurement through two lenses...that of the scientist and the performance marketer. We’ll tackle the myths and realities of what can be measured, what should be measured, and how today’s tools can provide accountability for marketing budgets.


Phil Sandler, Head of Marketing and Growth, Simulmedia
Nico Ricci, Chief Scientist, Simulmedia
Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek





12:55 PM — 1:15 PM ET

Building for the Future and Delivering Business Results

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving with new user expectations around relevance and transparency. It’s important for brands to invest in innovations that deliver secure, delightful experiences for customers and deliver marketing performance.

Join Google and Wayfair to understand key strategies to enable business success and delight customers in 2021 and beyond. This discussion will address:

  • How to establish strong measurement foundations with first-party relationships
  • Drive business results and future-proof your business.


Ted Buell, Managing Director, Measurement & Analytics & Industry Marketing - Retail, Tech & Telecom, Google 
Courtney Lawrie, Global Head of Brand and Integrated Growth Marketing, Wayfair





1:20 PM — 1:40 PM ET

The Road to Determining Your Total Audience

After complaining for years about the shortcoming of existing measurement options, many media companies have taken matters into their own hands and begun creating their own metrics to better encompass their vast audience segments. As they also focus on their streaming or recently-upgraded streaming platforms, the need for accurate cross-platform metrics is even more pronounced.

Join Adweek in conversation with executives from NBCU and ViacomCBS about how they have enhanced their respective offerings in the past year and how they will be incorporating them into this year’s upfront negotiations.


John Halley, Chief Operating Officer, Advertising Revenue, and Executive Vice President, Advanced Marketing Solutions, ViacomCBS
Kelly Abcarian, Executive Vice President, Measurement and Impact, Advertising and Partnerships, NBCUniversal 
Jason Lynch, TV Editor, Adweek





1:45 PM — 2:05 PM ET

Incremental Reach: What It Means and Why It Could Be the Most Important KPI for Non-Traditional Media?

Augmenting ad campaign effectiveness by reaching the target audience to the utmost extent is getting imperative for brands as audience is getting fragmented across various mediums with acceleration. To solve for diminishing returns resulting by over-frequency on a medium, non-traditional media like OTT should be regarded as incremental to traditional media like Linear TV rather than a replacement for it.


Kevin O’Reilly, Senior Vice President of Product, Data and Monetization, a4 Advertising
Caitlin Monaghan, Vice President, National Sales, a4 Advertising





2:10 PM — 2:30 PM ET

Modernizing and Future-Proofing TV Ad Measurement

After the earth-shattering disruption of 2020, have traditional systems of valuing and measuring TV ads reached a tipping point?

Join Adweek as we sit down with iSpot CEO and Founder, Sean Muller, to get his perspective on how real-time measurement at scale is key to modernizing TV advertising. He’ll address the critical need for instant and accurate validation of ads across linear and streaming platforms to bring more accountability to the multi-billion dollar industry. Explore the new currencies and cutting-edge measurement capabilities that are making headlines from one of the leading visionaries at the forefront of the movement.


Sean Muller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, iSpot.TV
Chris Ariens, Managing Editor and Director of Video, Adweek





2:35 PM — 2:55 PM ET

Measuring OTT and Connected TV

2020 catalyzed the shift to streaming forcing marketers to radically adjust their strategies around their linear budgets. While this opens the door to new opportunities for alternative revenue streams, it also unveiled critical gaps in OTT and CTV measurement. Looking ahead, several important questions will need to be addressed for a successful pivot including: what metrics do buyers need to help make their choices? What role will third-party companies play?

Join Adweek as we sit down with LG Ads, Inscape, and Ashwin Navin, CEO at Samba TV who will offer their perspectives and predictions into the evolving space and how to navigate the next era of measurement.


Ashwin Navin, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Samba TV
Ashish Chordia, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LG Ads
Travis Hockersmith, Vice President, Platform Business, Vizio
Mollie Cahillane, Convergent TV Reporter, Adweek





3:00 PM — 3:20 PM ET

Audience Mixology: true[X] and Microsoft Teams' Recipe for Audience Segment Success

Translating brand strategy into intelligent campaign planning and successful media investment requires incredible attention on the part of media partners and lots of data -- and these days, a client’s ideal audience can be as fast-changing as the world we live in. Microsoft Teams and true[X] will delve into the background, goals, tactics and measures of their 2021 campaign targeted to the newly burgeoning demographic of remote professionals. They'll share how a blend of 1st and 3rd party targeting solutions were deployed and measured as a roadmap for future campaign success.


Jamie Auslander, Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics, true[X]
Michael Carr, Director, Office and Brand Media Strategy and Planning, Microsoft





3:25 PM — 3:45 PM ET

The Challenges of Audience Measurement: A Conversation With Comscore CEO Bill Livek

The way advertising and measurement works across the digital ecosystem is drastically changing as we speak. All signs point to a need for holistic and unduplicated measurement that delivers an accurate understanding of media exposures across platforms. Achieving true visibility and transparency around the reach and frequency of content and ads won’t come, however, without its obstacles.

Join Adweek and Comscore CEO Bill Livek for a candid conversation about the current state of the industry following a shift in viewing patterns during the pandemic, his take on audience measurement and actionable insights to shape your own strategies in 2021 and beyond.


Bill Livek, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chairman, Comscore
Jason Lynch, TV Editor, Adweek





3:50 PM — 4:05 PM ET

Is It Time To Bring TV Into the World of Performance Marketing?

While being one of the most coveted, visible, and brand-friendly channels of advertising, linear television has always been one of the worst channels in terms of measurability. What if there was a way to retain the prestige and effectiveness of television advertising, while having the measurement of those campaigns be indistinguishable from traditional performance marketing channels like paid search and paid social?

In this conversation with MNTN CEO Mark Douglas, we’ll discuss how brand marketers and performance marketers alike should be holding connected TV advertising to a higher measurement standard than linear advertising, and how the ability to precisely track impressions, site visits, and conversions will change the way how marketers think about TV advertising.


Mark Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, MNTN
Kelsey Sutton, Streaming Editor, Adweek





4:05 PM — 4:20 PM ET

The State of Data: Trends and Implications for the New Era of TV Streaming

As companies strive toward creating faster, better, and more personalized consumer experiences through data across paid and owned touch-points in 2021, preparations for the cookie-less future—as well as to ensure regulatory compliance—are top of mind.

Join IAB’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the IAB Data Center of Excellence, Orchid Richardson, as she unpacks the latest trends gleaning insights from the company’s 2020 Data Report. She’ll specifically touch on data’s effect on Convergent TV, what’s next in this new era of TV streaming and the implications on the advertising and media ecosystem.


Orchid Richardson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the IAB Data Center of Excellence, IAB





4:25 PM — 4:30 PM ET

Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining!


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek

Danny W




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