Full Name
Jo Kinsella
Job Title
TVSquared by Innovid
Speaker Bio
Jo is President of TVSquared by Innovid, the largest independent global measurement and attribution platform for converged TV. Jo leads the company’s commercial portfolio, including client relations and strategic partnerships across the entire media ecosystem – from brands and agencies to networks and publishers. A creative and passionate leader, Jo drives TVSquared’s leading position in linear, CTV and digital video measurement, and helps to shape the future of converged TV advertising by bringing transparency, accountability and proof of performance to the forefront. Jo has scaled large enterprise customers and empowered thousands of advertisers in 75+ countries to leverage cross-channel, cross-screen measurement at scale.

Jo is a 20-year software veteran with a proven track record of bringing to market innovative products and services across both the adtech and fintech industries. Prior to TVSquared, Jo held various executive positions to help companies achieve their full potential, always putting the client first and building products that support industry needs and drive maximum shareholder value.

Jo builds teams of extraordinary talent, champions diversity and is recognized as a thought leader and voice of the industry.
Jo Kinsella