Last year was a testament to the fact that when it comes to purpose authenticity holds the key to igniting a brand’s growth. As we look towards a post-pandemic world, marketers face a significant opportunity to deepen relationships and meet consumers' evolving needs from promoting civil rights to racial equity to sustainability and mental health. 

Hear from top marketers who will share insights on how to lead with purpose and become well-positioned to navigate unprecedented change.

Featured Speakers

Nathan Chin
Senior Product Manager


Dionna Dorsey


Jameel Haralson
Manager and Team Lead, Partner Growth and Enablement


Michelle Hobby
Program Manager, Events and Meetings


Liz Montiel
Vice President of Partnerships


Phil Saims
Vice President of Sales


Eva Taylor
Corporate Social Responsibility Director


Jen Willig
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Lew Willig
Executive Creative Director



12:00 PM — 12:05 PM ET

Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.


Toby Daniels, Chief Innovation Officer, Adweek





12:05 PM — 12:25 PM ET

The Power of Connecting Passion With Purpose

Now more than ever, it's imperative brands have a purpose and take a stand in something that consistently resonates with their community – one that is attractive and inspiring enough to organically drive belief-driven consumers to want to belong, and organically share their commonality. This means brands must share their purpose at every touchpoint and with every product to break through in the overwhelmingly congested digital marketplace. The good news is that belief-driven buyers are optimistic, highly value transparency and perceive B.S. immediately – they want to change the world, believe they can and will support brands with the same value system. Join Adweek as we sit down with District of Clothing’s Dionna Dorsey to discuss the importance of leading your brand with purpose and authenticity.


Dionna Dorsey, Founder, District of Clothing 
Richard Collings, Retail Reporter, Adweek





12:30 PM — 12:50 PM ET

How to Design Your Events Around Diversity and Inclusion

No matter the event, your attendees are diverse individuals who crave engaging experiences that meet their unique needs. In order to deliver an event that speaks to them on their terms, event professionals and marketers need strategically approach every facet of event design to ensure the vibrancy of this diversity is not only protected but celebrated. In this session, hear from panelists including Cvent Senior Product Manager, Nathan Chin, as they break down the key tips and strategies for executing an event with purpose, inclusion, and authenticity at its core.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How every angle of planning an event (promotion, speaker selection, etc.) impacts an individual’s ability to feel included
  • Tips for avoiding the pitfalls of outdated thinking
  • Opportunities that you can use to ensure vibrancy at your events

Nathan Chin, Senior Product Manager, Cvent
Michelle Hobby, Program Manager, Events and Meetings, National Industries for the Blind
Phil Saims, Vice President of Sales, Federal Conference
Nicole Ortiz, Senior Story Editor, Adweek





12:55 PM — 1:15 PM ET

Driving Business Equality Through Partnerships

In light of the profound societal and economic gaps that have come into clearer focus this past year and a half, and with consumers calling for action, it’s imperative for businesses to use their unique place of privilege to help advance equality. In doing so, they make their own businesses stronger. In this session, we’ll discuss how businesses and their partners can drive equality through strategies such as diversifying dollars in selecting suppliers, sharing the stage or working with those who typically don’t get a voice, and by accelerating inclusive representation in media and creative assets chosen to represent their brand.

Facebook’s Jameel Haralson, Manager and Team Lead, Partner Growth and Enablement, will be joined by Facebook partners in this discussion on driving business equality.


Jameel Haralson, Manager and Team Lead, Partner Growth and Enablement, Facebook
Liz Montiel, Vice President of Partnerships, Social Native 
Eva Taylor, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Hootsuite





1:20 PM — 1:40 PM ET

Leveling Up: Programming the Multi-Billion Dollar Gaming Industry To Help End Global Malnutrition in Children

When the Eleanor Crook Foundation, which works to end global malnutrition, tapped social impact agency Hive to fight the number one killer of children, the agency came up with a creative solution that leveraged the multi-billion dollar video game industry to meet players where they are. LifePack is a first of its kind initiative that partners with gaming companies to redirect funds from in-game purchases (that players would make anyway) to save children’s lives. In this session, Hive Co-founder and CEO Jenifer Willig and Creative Director Lew Willig will explain how LifePack came to be, the importance of finding the right partners and creating a sustainable model to provide life-saving treatment to kids who need it most.


Jen Willig, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hive
Lew Willig, Executive Creative Director, Hive
Jameson Fleming, Agencies Editor, Adweek





1:45 PM — 1:50 PM ET

Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us!


Toby Daniels, Chief Innovation Officer, Adweek





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