The Rise of the Social Entertainment Era: How to Remain Agile and Drive Results
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 2:50 PM - 3:10 PM
Kate Kenner Archibald Megan Streeter

The world of social media has undergone a drastic transformation. Consumers are growing tired of the traditional social media experience of 2005 – 2020, with time shifting dramatically away from connection-based feeds to video-driven entertainment formats. This evolution is not just about the content itself, but fundamentally about how it is delivered. There is a transition from the traditional social graph to what is known as the content graph. In the content graph, reach is uncapped and the best content wins.

In this discussion, Kate Kenner Archibald, Chief Marketing Officer at globally-leading social media marketing solution Dash Hudson, will sit down with Megan Streeter, Chief Marketing Officer at the powerhouse, born-on-social hair care brand, Prose. The conversation will break down the rise of the social entertainment era, what it means for brands, and what’s working to remain agile and drive results.