Full Name
Nicole Litterio
Job Title
Strategic Growth Consultant
NetBase Quid
Speaker Bio
Nicole leverages NetBase Quid’s full suite of NLP enabled products to derive actionable insights from text-based data such as social media, news, patent filings, and academic papers. Nicole has worked with companies of all industries including a top 20 Fortune 500 ranked technology company, a global pharma leader, NASA, a private equity firm, and several consulting firms. Nicole specializes in utilizing one of NetBase Quid’s newest products, The Intelligence Connector. This product enables firms to integrate automatically updating data into their own BI systems as well as apply advanced use cases such as our Trends vs Fads and Entity Ranking methodologies. Previously Nicole worked as a data analyst at Bloomberg LP, where her work focused on optimizing their fixed income product offerings. Nicole graduated as an Honors College Scholar from Rutgers University with a double major in Mathematics and Economics and certificates in Quantitative Economics and Financial Economics.
Nicole Litterio