Full Name
Reid Hailey
Job Title
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Doing Things Media
Speaker Bio
Reid Hailey is the CEO / Co-Founder of Doing Things Media, a self-funded, profitable and diversified media company that has continued to grow through a covid world. In 2014, while living in his parents’ basement and taking college classes, Reid created an Instagram account called @Shitheadsteve. In less than a year, Reid grew the account to 1M followers by creating original meme content. Reid was one of the first entrepreneurs to see memes as a business from the onset. Reid and his co-founder, Derek Lucas, first connected in a secret group called the ‘Meme Illuminati’ which included John Mayer, among others. Reid and Derek co-founded Doing Things Media shortly thereafter, with Derek serving as Chief Creative Officer.

Under Reid’s leadership, Doing Things Media owns and operates 25+ of the most culturally relevant brands on social media. Since 2017, with Reid as CEO, the company has doubled in size every year, organically garnering an audience of more than 60M followers across social platforms. The goal of Doing Things Media is to bring humor to audiences across the world and that is incredibly important in today’s climate. Reid has built a diversified business centered around branded content, DTC commerce, and content licensing.

Reid has created a platform for creators to catapult their brands and find new ways to monetize through digital and off platform. The company’s Doggos Doing Things brand released a coffee table book in July 2020 with one of the largest publishers in the world. Doing Things Media acquired the brand MiddleClassFancy in 2018, it has since grown the brand's social presence through the DTM network effect and established the MiddleClassFancy digital store.

Over the past 12 months alone, the Doing Things Media team has worked with global brands, such as Anheuser Busch, Ford, T-Mobile, Activision, HBO Max and Hulu on some of their most important marketing initiatives and product launches. Doing Things Media has worked with Anheuser Busch on back-to-back Super Bowl campaigns.

Reid Hailey has built a profitable and diversified media business across advertising, consumer products, subscription, licensing, TV, and digital shows. Reid has used memes as a marketing vehicle and has shined a spotlight on the importance of internet culture. He has become an influential voice in the evolving ways digital savvy consumers are engaging with content through emerging platforms. Most importantly, Reid is an authentic entrepreneur who understands modern comedy, wants to brighten audiences’ days, while always remaining true to himself.
Reid Hailey