Full Name
Karyn Spencer
Job Title
Global Chief Marketing Officer
Speaker Bio
Karyn Spencer, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Whalar, has spent the past 20 years building unique initiatives for brands, traditional celebrities, and digital creators. After studying photography in college, she moved to Hollywood and worked her way up to become a talent agent, booking actors in film and TV. From there, she worked for Ashton Kutcher for five years, producing film, TV, and web content.

Since then, she’s worked with celebrities and influencers to collaborate with brands and scale the impact of their stories. Her previous roles include Director of Communications for Tyra Banks, Head of Creators at Twitter for Vine, Vice President at AT&T, and Director of Celebrity Partnerships & Influencer Marketing at Target. Now, as the CMO of Whalar, one of the most acclaimed influencer agencies in the industry, she drives innovation and awareness for Whalar’s brand and talent partners.

Everything Karyn does is focused through a lens of inclusion and equity for historically marginalized people.
Karyn Spencer