Full Name
Corinne Hanson
Job Title
Corporate Director of Sustainability and Impact
SH Hotels & Resorts
Speaker Bio
An east coast native now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Corinne brings a decade of experience as a sustainable business specialist with a background in public policy and coalition building. She believes that business is an essential driver for positive change and possesses deep expertise in sustainability strategy and helping companies navigate the challenges inherent to building a sustainable economy. 
Now the Corporate Director of Sustainability and Impact for SH Hotels, a mission-driven sustainable hotel company, Corinne leads their sustainability strategy, analytics, employee engagement, communications, and reporting work. Prior to joining SH Hotels & Resorts, Corinne spent 4 years with SustainAbility in San Francisco, CA, where she was the primary architect and advisor for over 20 sustainability projects for Fortune 500 companies including Facebook, Starbucks, AMD, Nestlé, and McDonald’s. Corinne also led the Global Footprint Network through a redesign of their project and financial strategy, which included developing new products, communications, and coordinating private-sector partnerships focused on resource minimization strategies. Prior, she worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C., where she co-managed NRDC’s Global Water Project and executed legislative and political actions to ensure the protection of our water, air, lands, and communities.
Corinne Hanson