Christine Arena
Christine Arena
Generous Films
Christine is an author, filmmaker and strategist who communicates extensively on the impacts of climate misinformation and greenwash to national and global audiences. She is the founder of social impact production company Generous Films and a contributor to numerous projects that build mainstream public support for climate accountability efforts in the U.S. and Europe. Christine’s September 2022 Congressional testimony on “The Role of PR Firms in Preventing Action on Climate Change” helped raise broad awareness of the unethical strategies and tactics used by fossil fuel marketers to obstruct climate action and signaled the need for urgent reform across the advertising and public relations industry.
Christine’s brand funded and original documentary films include Let Science Speak, a six-part series that aired on The Weather Channel and served to counter anti-science narratives; When the Earth Moves, which sought to diffuse political polarization and build bi-partisan support for climate action; and 3M’s Not the Science Type and Skilled, which premiered during the Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival respectively. She helped launch Clean Creatives, a pressure campaign to encourage PR and ad firms to cease their work with fossil fuel clients.

Christine’s creative work has been accepted to more than 50 film festivals and recently won six advertising industry awards – including the In2Sabre Award for best documentary, Anthem Gold and Silver Awards for filmmaking and branded content, the PR Week Brand Film Award, the Sabre Award for outstanding branded journalism and Ragan’s PR Daily Award for a cause-related marketing campaign. Her insights have been featured by Rolling Stone, CNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, TIME, Reuters, The Guardian and Adweek.

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