Gone are the days of simply having an online presence on multiple channels -- the channels now also need to be efficiently integrated. With the growing ubiquity of mobile devices and the evolution of social platforms, brand marketers must understand data in real-time and find their optimal omnichannel offering as consumers demand more choice and flexibility. Organizations as a whole also need to shift their view on customer data to get more value out of what they have.  

Join Adweek and Treasure Data as we sit down with top marketers and expert analysts to take a deep dive into the future of digital marketing, omnichannel opportunities, and the rising role of customer data in driving organizational growth in this three-day Spotlight series. Together we will explore various ways your brand can grow and thrive by future-proofing your tech stack, taking advantage of first-party data opportunities, and delivering seamless experiences that are engaging, interactive, and customizable.

Featured Speakers

Molly Battin
Senior Vice President,
Global Brand Marketing

Jeanne Bliss
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, CXPA.org

Julie Bowerman
Chief Global Digital Consumer and Customer Experience Officer

Karen Donovan
Senior Manager,
Customer Data Platform Program

Ainul Huda
SVP, Global Head of Audience Development, Analytics and Social

Beth Mach
Chief Consumer Officer

Daniel Newman
Founding Partner and
Principal Analyst

Kazuki Ohta
Founder and Chief
Executive Officer

Ricardo Ortegon
Global Vice President, MarTech

Jeremiah Owyang
Tech Analyst, Kaleido Insights

Peggy Fang Roe
Global Officer, Customer Experience, Loyalty and New Ventures

Phil Sager

Joe Stanhope
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Tom Treanor
Chief Marketing Officer

Angela Zepeda
Chief Marketing Officer

Day Overview

DAY 1 –

Eighty-eight percent of marketers say collecting first-party data is a 2021 priority according to Merkle’s latest Customer Engagement Report. New engagement models require real-time data collection and analysis. Here, we’ll explore the power of unified customer data and learn how companies can lean into these insights to achieve personalized and relevant experiences for their consumers, connect online and offline journeys, enhance product innovation, improve customer support and optimize business operations.

DAY 2 –

Modern marketers recognize that a “brand” isn’t just what the marketing team says it is; it’s how consumers feel about the entire experience, from seeing that first piece of content, to getting support during research, tapping “purchase” and becoming an advocate (or detractor) afterward. Today, we’ll unveil the ways today’s marketers can shift their mindset to incorporate customer-led principles across every facet of their businesses.

DAY 3 –

In today's competitive landscape, driving significant growth is essential but also harder than ever. Catching lightning in a bottle rarely comes down to luck; rather it starts with reimagining the enterprise's organization and purpose. Here, we’ll explore the frameworks and strategies marketers can employ to position themselves for success at a moment’s notice. Conversations will span new technologies and offer actionable insights on how to rise above the competition and enhance business outcomes by creating data gravity.

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