We are living through a radical transformation of how we give: and it’s starting from the bottom up. Tapping into the power of virality, direct payment systems, activist celebrities and corporations, donor communities are unleashing their message through audience networks, and tapping into one of our most fundamental instincts: generosity.

GivingTuesday, audience intelligence platform Pulsar and Adweek have teamed up to understand what generosity means today, and to discover the causes, audiences, payment platforms, and ESG/CSR concerns that are powering the giving revolution, and how marketers, donors, and charities can plan smarter campaigns and drive change.

Featured Speakers

Francesco D’Orazio
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Murphy
Director of Digital Strategy

Woodrow Rosenbaum
Chief Data Officer

Stephanie Paterik [moderator]
Editor in Chief


4:00 - 4:05pm ET
Adweek Opening Remarks

4:05 - 4:35pm ET
Pulsar and GivingTuesday Presentation

4:35 - 4:50pm ET
Panel Discussion

4:50 - 4:55pm ET
Audience Q&A

4:55 - 5:00pm ET
Adweek Closing Remarks

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