Streaming Sports: Shining a Light on What it Takes to Platform Untold Stories
Thursday, May 9, 2024, 12:10 PM - 12:35 PM

Sports have long been a cornerstone of television, captivating audiences with thrilling match ups and historical moments of athletic excellence. And with the rise of streaming channels, sports programming has undergone a transformative shift offering fans unprecedented access to not only a diverse range of sports events, but also dynamic content and enhanced experiences that delights fans beyond the game.

Join ADWEEK for an exciting conversation with Nicole Parlapiano, Chief Marketing Officer at Tubi, Terri Jackson, the Executive Director of the WNBPA, and Jessica McCourt, Head of Partnerships at Malka. They will dive into how the streaming brand is leveraging their platform, recent brand redesign and their programming strategy to engage a younger, more diverse audience. Learn about the partnership with Malka to platform the WNBPA documentary Shattered Glass and why it took passionate women in leadership positions to advocate for carving out space in their marketing strategy to help teams and athletes share their stories.

Terri Carmichael Jackson Jessica McCourt Nicole Parlapiano Bill Bradley