Natalie White
Natalie White
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Moolah Kicks
As the founder and CEO of Moolah Kicks, the #1 brand in women's basketball, Natalie White is an award-winning executive who has committed herself and the Moolah Kicks brand to producing premium performance footwear and apparel that are biomechanically engineered exclusively for female ballers. In four short years, her accomplishments have earned both admiration and recognition among the footwear and basketball industries.

Established in 2020, Moolah has fueled a women’s basketball revolution by developing state-of-the-art sneakers built to optimize performance and increase financial opportunities for female players. After incorporating the brand, raising more than seven figures of capital, and landing a historic distribution deal with DICK’S Sporting Goods which led to the creation of the first ever women’s basketball section in the landmark retailer, Moolah launched Phantom 1 at than 140 DICK’S Sporting Goods stores nationwide in 2021. Consumer reaction and sales were so powerful, DICK’S expanded their distribution into more 500 stores when Moolah released its second model, the Neovolt Pro, in 2022.

In fall of 2023, White lifted the company to the next level with the expansion into the youth market with the Press Break, dropped Moolah’s first low top shoe, the Neovolt Pro Low and introduced its third new model in as many years, the Triple Double. In addition to footwear, White diversified Moolah’s offering with compression and athleisure apparel to address the needs of competitive athletes.

With their expanded audience, White and Moolah sparked a movement in women’s basketball to focus on performance and the intrinsic value of women’s hoops, rather than simply settling for comparisons and products derived from the men’s game.

Moolah’s positive impact can be seen at every level in the women’s game. The brand sponsors dozens of girls and women’s basketball tournaments across the country, boasts partnerships with more than 60 collegiate and professional athle