Adweek, in partnership with Amazon Advertising, invites you to the second annual Adweek at Home summit kicking off Monday, June 14. The week-long program welcomes the world’s most influential marketers to share insights on the power of audio, the role of brand purpose, creativity and their intersection with technology.

Featured Speakers

Amanda Baldwin
Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Bambuck
Chief Marketing Officer

Kintan Brahmbhatt
Director, Podcasts

John Campbell
Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships

Marie Donoghue
Vice President of Global Sports Video

Adam Harris
Global Head of Brand Partnership Studio

Shideh Hashemi
Chief Marketing Officer, North America

Van Jones
Political Commentator and Host

Denise Lauer
Chief Marketing Officer

Kristen Lueck
Vice President, Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Sonika Malhotra
Co-founder and Global Brand Director

Kate McCagg
Head of Custom Ads, International

Raja Rajamannar
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and President, Healthcare

Maddy Rotman
Head of Sustainability

Jen Sargent
Chief Executive Officer

Pearl Serbvat
Head of Brand Marketing

Brooke Siffrinn

Michael Smith
Senior Director

Chris Sojka
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Carla Stevenné
Influencer, Amazon Live

John Taite
Executive Vice President of Global Brand Partnerships and Development

Holly Thaggard
Founder and Chair of the Board

Kristin Turner
UX Principal Designer, Design Co-Lead of Black Employee Network

Aricia Skidmore-Williams

Bimma Williams

Angela Zepeda
Chief Marketing Officer

+ more to be announced soon!

Itinerary Overview

Day One

Recalibrating Your Brand Purpose

Globally, 94 percent of consumers say it’s imperative that the companies they engage with have a strong sense of purpose, per New York-based Zeno Group. With a turbulent year behind us, that has proven to be the case. But it’s easier said than done. Amidst the pandemic, marketers have had to contend with the largest brand marketing reset, perhaps ever. And that posed a challenge to purpose-driven efforts that have remained both authentic and on-brand.

Join Adweek, in partnership with Amazon Advertising, as we explore actionable ways to leverage purpose in order to break through the uncertainty to create authentic human connections.

Day Two

Tapping Into the Power of Audio

First, platform players cracked the code on text and emojis, then came GIFs and video.  And now, marketers are tuning into the oldest, but newest (digitally), form of media: audio.  From Clubhouse, now topping over 8 million downloads, to Twitter experimenting with Spaces and Facebook’s tests of its own Rooms, the choices, and opportunities for leveraging audio marketing will grow even more complex.

Adweek, in partnership with Amazon Advertising, invites you to take a deep dive into the benefits and challenges, the key players, and what marketers should consider in this new era of sound.

Day Three

Marrying Marketing and Technology

Today’s consumers enjoy an unprecedented level of personalization, which, in turn, raises the bar for brands’ targeted and very specific interaction with them. Now brands have more information than ever about consumer preferences, channels for reach, and interests to create more customized experiences at scale. As data becomes more infused into the equation, marketers face juggling advances in technology, streamlined customer experiences, and the need to be mindful of privacy concerns.

Join Adweek, in partnership with Amazon Advertising, to explore the current state of marketing and technology including tips and tricks in balancing creativity and technology.

Day Four

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