Full Name
Julie Mynster
Job Title
Executive Director
Polk Automotive Solutions
Speaker Bio
Julie Mynster serves as Executive Director for Polk Automotive Solutions from S&P Global. In this role, she leads the portfolio product strategy that powers data-driven automotive marketing, including Polk Audiences, Polk Signals, Polk Data Services, and Polk Auto Direct. These solutions are leveraged by every major automotive brand in the US, available through all tech and media channels and platforms.

Prior to joining S&P Global, Ms. Mynster held senior roles at both General Motors and Stellantis, leading performance marketing and digital strategies. Over the course of her career, she has been honored to receive several awards, including Chairman’s Honors, CMO "Dream Team," multiple Vice Presidential “Game Changer” Awards, and TechWeek 100 Most Influential.

Ms. Mynster graduated from Albion College with a B.A. in math and economics. She serves on the Data Advisory Board for both LiveRamp and Oracle Data Cloud and is a member of 313 Digital, Detroit Advertising Association, AdCrafters, and the Impact100 grant review board.
Julie Mynster