Emily Miller
Full Name
Emily Miller
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Speaker Bio
Emily Miller founded OffLimits in 2020 out of a life-long love for breakfast. After starting her college career in fashion design she became interested in cultural trend forecasting and the intersection of food and culture. In 2014 she founded and hosted the “Breakfast Club” series in countries around the world where fine dining chefs opened their restaurants to prepare a one-time-only breakfast and conversation with Emily. In 2019 she followed this passion, publishing her cookbook, Breakfast.

Despite her love of an extravagantly cooked breakfast meal, Emily continually went back to the ritual of pouring a bowl of cereal—often for dinner or a late-night snack which felt like an act of defiance as an adult. In fact, as a child, Emily wasn’t allowed to eat sugar-packed cereals, so she founded OffLimits to mix the nostalgia of childhood cereals with the healthy ingredients that can be eaten for any meal. With OffLimits, Emily is here to break the rules and prove that cereal can be both fun and good for you!