The marketing industry remains bullish heading into 2022 with the transformation of consumer habits and their evolving expectations driving the force for change. Join Adweek as we sit down with thought leaders, forecasters and top marketing, media and tech executives to investigate the benefits of emerging platforms and the tools and monetization strategies that promise to super-charge growth and revenue in a world of accelerated digital transformation.

Speaker Overview

Join these speakers and more over the course of the three-day event

Agenda Overview

—Day 1—
The View
from Above

Powered by emerging technology, the attention economy and societal change, the marketing ecosystem has gone full throttle into a digital drift, moving away from functional silos and toward a convergent future. The new year represents a new opportunity for brands to embrace convergent marketing across their campaign platforms. Today, Adweek is joined by leading executives in marketing, media and creativity to understand how they are adapting to our new convergent reality.

—Day 2—
Connecting With Consumers

Marketing efforts are most successful when their different disciplines are interconnected, working cross-functionally toward a common goal. During Day Two, you'll hear how engaging with consumers has become all-encompassing. Modern strategies are marrying data to creativity, brands to purpose and brand legacies to upstarts in a collaborative effort to refine the customer journey using a fluid approach to client-agency partnerships.

—Day 3—
Talent and Transformation

In recent years, marketing, media and tech industries have accelerated their business models with the help of thoughtful team building. On Day Three, you'll hear from industry leaders and experts on their best practices for retaining and recruiting the right talent, doubling down on culture and DEI as they prepare for a brave new world “back to work.”

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