Main Stage
Adweek X Agenda
Monday, December 4, 2023, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

8:00am // Breakfast and Registration 

9:00am // Opening Remarks and Interactive Moment: All-Group Musical Score 


Morning Content // 

CMO to CEO: Path to the Top and the Vital Alliance with the Marketing Leader 
Building and maintaining a strong partnership with the CEO and the rest of the C-Suite is beyond crucial for CMOs. Learn how Everette Taylor has followed a nonlinear path to the top seat at Kickstarter, and how, as a former CMO, he realizes the importance of partnering with new marketing lead Courtney Brown Warren. We’ll break down their alliance and uncover how CMOs-turned-CEOs must and can bring their full marketing knowledge to business strategy.  

  • Everette Taylor, CEO, Kickstarter 
  • Courtney Brown Warren, VP of Brand Marketing 

Flipside: Contrarian Takes on the Agency-Client Relationship Part I 
A resilient and symbiotic agency-client relationship is a major driver of marketing and creative and ultimately business success, but too often, this is the goal but not the norm. In part I, we’ll dive into the persistent and more recent roadblocks hindering mutual success.  

LEAP Live: Redefining Politics, Power and Network  
5S Diversity Principal and Founder Antonio Lucio will lead an all-room interactive leadership intensive that challenges people’s assumptions. Growth and understanding comes from seeing and thinking about things differently; he’ll posit that marketing and business leaders need to get out of comfort zones and established norms to realize greater returns—for themselves, for their organizations and for the greater good. 

  • Antonio Lucio, Principal and Founder, 5S Diversity

Quantifying Collaboration: Adweek & NewtonX Reveal the Fruits of C-Suite Sync 
Joining forces with NewtonX, Adweek sought to connect the dots between effective collaboration among CMOs and their C-suite colleagues and business outcomes. Hear the results of this proprietary research for the first time and learn how you can put our findings to work to improve your marketing performance and drive sales growth. 

  • Jackie Cutrone, CMO, NewtonX 
  • Paul Barbagallo, SVP and Executive Editor, Thought Leadership, Adweek 

Two Agencies, One Goal: The Unlikely JOAN Media x Crossmedia Alliance 
These two indie agencies—competitors otherwise—recently came together to unveil a unique service offering, dubbed JoanxMedia, that’s made it possible to get a leg up on the competition by sharing clients, cross-training employees and giving their clients more options. They’ll share how they’re working to drive the industry forward through this open-minded approach.  

  • Kamran Asghar, Co-Founder and CEO, Crossmedia U.S. 
  • Lisa Clunie, Co-Founder and CEO, JOAN 


Afternoon Content // 

Anatomy of a Sports Franchise: The Alchemy that Created Angel City FC 
Angel City FC was built on driving change. In partnering from launch with the LA84 Foundation, the founders doubled down on their commitment to their community and to advancing equity in women's sports. Along with notable brands who joined for the team launch, the alchemy behind Angel City FC has literally changed the game – sparking a cultural shift that is both profitable and purpose-led. Julie Uhrman will be joined by some of the key partners who have brought the franchise to life.  

  • Julie Uhrman, President and Co-Founder, Angel City Football Club (ACFC) 

Introducing the Creatorverse Exchange: Meta x Adweek’s Reel Reveal 
In partnership with Meta, Adweek recently launched the Creatorverse Exchange, a first-of-its-kind cohort pairing 10 creators with 10 senior brand leaders to address challenges facing our community. Get a first look at some of the work produced and discuss the goals and wins of the collab with one of the creator x brand pairs.   

The Power of Balance: The Necessity of Knowledge Exchange in Mentor x Mentee Relationships 
Get a deep-dive look at the Adweek Mentorship Exchange, in which participants from diverse backgrounds and industries come together to share their insights and experiences in mutual mentorship. Discover how this two-way street of guidance and growth not only benefits the mentee but also enriches the mentor's perspective.

Flipside: Contrarian Takes on the Agency-Client Relationship Part II 
A resilient and symbiotic agency-client relationship is a major driver of marketing and creative and ultimately business success, but too often, this is the goal but not the norm. In part II we’ll get real on how to achieve true success through mutual understanding, empathy, respect, data and shared outcomes. 

The Impact of Paradoxical Strategy  
Learn how CMOs are taking counterintuitive paths to success. A look at how Olaplex, under Charlotte Watson’s marketing leadership, has navigated the landscape of imitation products while upholding authenticity, innovation, and customer trust. 

  • Charlotte Watson, CMO, Olaplex 

Point x Counterpoint: Examining the Implications of AI on Our Industry 
The obsession of 2023 has been Generative AI, but AI has been a reality for years. Let’s get real on the reality of AI –generative and otherwise—in our advertising and marketing practice: where it will win and where it will change the practice forever.  

Out of Bounds: Naomi Osaka on Pushing Beyond the Lines and Building New Businesses On and Off the Court 
Naomi Osaka recently launched her female-athlete-led talent agency Evolve, founded with her longtime agent Stuart Duguid. The tennis phenom will share how she’s evolved herself--from on-court giant to dynamic entrepreneur--and learn about what sets Evolve apart from the competition--and what defines the sports-management agency of tomorrow. 

  • Naomi Osaka, Four-Time Grand Slam Tennis Player and Entrepreneur 
  • Stuart Duguid, Co-Founder, EVOLVE and Hana Kuma 

5:00pm // All-Group Musical Score Reveal, Closing and Audience Takeaways, Followed by Reception 

6:00pm // Event Concludes 

Jackie Cutrone Stuart Duguid Cary Leitzes Antonio Lucio Naomi Osaka Julie Uhrman