Adweek’s Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit returns for its second year, from November 15-18.


Following a year of fan-free stadiums, leagues got creative with how they kept interest and excitement levels high. Now, the “Big Four” leagues and a plethora of esports competitions are gearing up to reintroduce fans to in-person events and marketers will once again have to find creative ways to engage the audience. Join Adweek to hear from leading sports pros on and off the playing field on how to handle a year of curveballs, upsets and transformation, along with what's in store for the future. 

The Starting Lineup Includes

Adam Zimmerman
Adam Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Atlanta Braves

Daily Playbook

Four days. Four themes.

DAY 1:
Fandom in the New Era of Audience Engagement

While the pandemic has led to rapid and dramatic changes to the sports world, there remained one constant throughout this period: loyal fans that crave the action and connection to their favorite teams and players.

The innovation across the sports landscape over the past year has produced remarkable virtual and hybrid fan experiences. Today, we explore how leagues, teams and brands are operating at the intersection of sports and technology. 

DAY 2:
Brand Alignment and Experience

Led with the right mix of creativity, innovation, and personalities - sports marketing campaigns have the ability to capture the hearts and minds of sports fans. Brands that use sponsorships or digital promotions have increased affinity and loyalty with their audiences. Today, we hear from brand marketers and athletes on how to succeed in this competitive space by delivering next-level experiences and targeted storytelling with authentic collaborations at their core. 

DAY 3:
Sports as a Platform for Social Good

The social justice movement has touched nearly every sector of American life. The impact has been particularly significant in sports, where athletes, teams and leagues are reexamining where they fit in to lead the conversation and initiate change. Join Adweek as we hear from sports pros who have united to leverage their fame as a force for change over the previous year and how they plan to navigate these efforts as the world of sports continues to open.

DAY 4:
Sports of Tomorrow

As more fans around the world become vaccinated, the sports industry sees a bright future. But what will sports marketing look like in 2022? Today, we'll speak with the sports leaders of tomorrow to discuss their predictions and best insights for navigating the key trends that will drive the industry including esports and NFTs.  

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