What’s New and Next for Managing Customer Relationships

By 2025, it is anticipated that 80 percent of retail engagement will be virtual. The marketing experience is quickly evolving, and as a result productivity, adaptation and growth remain top priorities.

Hear from brand leaders on their thoughts on how their learnings this year correlate to their overall commerce predictions. The discussions will focus on consumer behavior, retaining customer satisfaction and balancing the need to stay true to the brand’s DNA all while driving growth.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast

Registration 4th floor.
Breakfast 9th floor. 

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Opening Remarks
Juliette Morris
Juliette Morris - Adweek
9:10 AM - 9:30 AM
Shop, Click, Drive

The automotive customer service experience is truly a relationship-based consumer experience, and with the expansion of an online presence, General Motors is allowing this consumer relationship to flourish. According to company forecasts, online sales of parts and accessories will make up a $40 billion total addressable market by 2030, and it anticipates significant revenue growth from its expanded ecommerce efforts including the launch of its online parts store earlier this year.

Hear from Donald Chesnut, Chief Experience Officer of General Motors as he kicks off Commerce Week to discuss the expansion into digital commerce, what this means for the typical automotive customer relationship, and why the future of GM retail lies at the intersection of digital and physical e-commerce.

Donald Chesnut Juliette Morris
Donald Chesnut - General Motors
Juliette Morris - Adweek
9:35 AM - 9:55 AM
The Retail Ecosystem

With providers and technology evolving every day and the depreciation of the cookie, competition for ad dollars has never been fiercer. It’s even more complex for brands trying to navigate the value proposition of in-store along with the changing landscape of Retail Media as well as close the loop between online and offline.

In this session, hear from Tinuiti's Executive Vice President of Commerce, Shaun Brown alongside Julie Bowerman, Kellogg's Chief Marketing and Ecommerce Officer, and Diana Finster, Head of Agency and Tech Partnerships for Walmart Connect as they explore the nuances of Retail as an ecosystem. Walk away with the insights needed to successfully balance your omni-advertising strategy, grow your audience and expand your reach.

Shaun Brown Julie Bowerman Diana Finster
Shaun Brown - Tinuiti
Julie Bowerman - Kellogg’s
Diana Finster - Walmart Connect
10:00 AM - 10:10 AM
10:10 AM - 10:30 AM
Scaling the Consumer Experience: A Conversation with Walgreens’ Tracey Brown

Driving over two thirds of customer loyalty, companies are increasingly recognizing the power of the consumer experience as a brand differentiator. Walgreens is no exception recently creating the role of Chief Customer Officer after examining how vital CX is to understand growth strategies and profit opportunities for the company and accelerate its transformation, both digitally and in-person.

Join Walgreens first-ever President of Retail Products and Chief Customer Officer Tracey Brown as she discusses how her 25 plus years of experience driving business growth, customer experiences and leveraging digital capabilities, shape how she understands the relationship between consumers and brands and why it is important to keep all channels at the forefront.

Tracey Brown Paul Hiebert
Tracey Brown - Walgreens
Paul Hiebert - Adweek
10:35 AM - 10:55 AM
Talk to the People, Not the Business

Historically, B2B advertising has focused its messaging on speaking directly to businesses. But the buyers of software and services are people first. Hear from Gary Specter, President, Go-To-Market of Cart.com, about how business-to-business marketers have a lot to gain from taking a business-to-consumer approach instead.

David Kaplan Gary Specter
David Kaplan - Adweek
Gary Specter - Cart.com
11:00 AM - 11:20 AM
Programming Break
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Workshop (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor): Down the Funnel and Into the Cart: Crafting a Full-Funnel Instacart Ad Strategy

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Instacart has evolved from a pandemic necessity to a mainstream marketing and brand-building channel. Just a few months into 2022, they’ve rolled out a new suite of display advertising products and new CPG Brand Pages enabling brands to leverage full-funnel marketing capabilities to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase.

In this session, hear from Suzanne Skop, Agency Lead at Instacart and Elizabeth Marsten, Group Director at Tinuiti as they explore the opportunities and challenges of today’s full-funnel experience and the newest creative capabilities. You’ll walk away with a blueprint for leveraging this type of advertising and how to achieve success applying Instacart's core strategic lenses: discoverability, growth and performance.

Elizabeth Marsten Suzanne Skop
Elizabeth Marsten - Tinuiti
Suzanne Skop - Instacart
Workshop (Pearl, 9th Floor): Conscious Marketing: An Intentional, Sustainable and Inclusive Approach to Performance Marketing

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

The past few years have been a wild ride for brands. Marketers were forced to tear up old customer journey maps, rethink customer experiences and operating models, and prove impact with cold, hard results. As a result, a variety of performance marketing programs have exploded onto the scene, but some may have marketers chasing conversions at the cost of unintended harm to the customer experience and the brand. While short-term results are crucial, marketers must remain conscious of factors like long-term brand image, privacy implications and the movement towards more inclusive practices that impact the customer experience.

In this session, we will explore the concept of Conscious Marketing and how marketers can apply this intentional, sustainable and inclusive approach to their performance marketing programs so that brands can provide a more authentic, privacy-safe customer experience AND achieve performance goals. 

Wendi Dunlap
Wendi Dunlap - Matterkind / Kinesso
Workshop (Ambassador II, 2nd Floor): A Marketer’s Dream: Personalization That Captures & Converts

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Our latest consumer research is showing that 75% of consumers are not fully satisfied with their current shopping experience. Many reasons are to blame but our research shows that the lack of seamless shopping is the main reason for consumer dissatisfaction. In today’s volatile economy, consumer spending is more dependent on the experience than ever before.
Join Inmar Intelligence as more of this recent research is unpacked, outlining specific approaches and tools to help close this gap for consumers. Walk away from this workshop with a better understanding of when and where to integrate add-to-cart links to maximize conversion performance, what consumers want in exchange for utilizing their data, and how to offer a more personalized rxperience through a reception moments approach to marketing.

Caroline H. Capungcol Nicole F. Henry
Caroline H. Capungcol - Aki
Nicole F. Henry - Inmar
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
1:25 PM - 2:25 PM
Masterclass (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor): The Convergence of B2B and B2C: A New Paradigm for Growth

This masterclass will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Gone are the days where it’s enough for a product or service to be best-in-class for consumers to make a purchase. Consumer expectations are shifting, prioritizing additional qualities including trust, loyalty and a compelling customer experience they can't get elsewhere. As a result, the traditional silos of consumer-and business-focused strategies are converging with over half (52%) of companies who have both B2B and B2C customers reporting they see more similarities in the way these two groups of consumers behave.

Join Gary Specter, President, Go-to-market of Cart.com, Nik Sharma of Sharma Brands, and Lan Bui, Founder of Kawaii Lighting as they explore the converging trends in B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Walk away with tactical approaches to meeting consumers where they are and staying relevant regardless of industry.

Gary Specter Nik Sharma Lan Bui
Gary Specter - Cart.com
Nik Sharma - Sharma Brands
Lan Bui - Kawaii Lighting
Masterclass (Ambassador II, 2nd Floor): Using AI to Scale the Capabilities of Your Marketing and Commerce Teams

This masterclass will be streamed live and can be watched here.

As marketers, we generate massive amounts of data from a multitude of sources, but how do you synthesize millions of data points and transform them into meaningful insights that translate into actionable plans? What technology should you use to make this complex process… easy? We're tackling it all during this insightful Masterclass. Come learn how to use data and technology better to transform your commerce marketing.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Where it makes sense to employ technology
  • How to build a framework that’s right for your business
  • How to use learnings and predictive analytics to guide future marketing improvements
Bahigh Acuna Steve McGowan
Bahigh Acuna - The Mars Agency
Steve McGowan - Mondelez
2:35 PM - 2:55 PM
From Couch to Conversion: How CTV is Making the Living Room the Next Digital Storefront

From the industrial revolution to digital storefronts, few industries have embraced technology like retail and commerce. Today, consumers have more choices than ever in a global, competitive market – and brands are once again turning to the forefront of technology to stay ahead: Connected TV.

Join MNTN’s Chris Contreras, SVP of Customer Success at MNTN, as he details how CTV has helped commerce and retail brands reach sales success. From targeting shopping cart abandoners with retargeting strategies to turning bottom-of-funnel buyers into net new customers, Chris will detail the tactics you need to create a conversion path through your customers’ living rooms.

Chris Contreras Matt Steinmetz
Chris Contreras - MNTN
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
3:00 PM - 3:10 PM
Poll presented by SmartCommerce
Poll presented by SmartCommerce
3:10 PM - 3:30 PM
Advertising, NFTs and a Possible Recession: Why Relationships Matter More Than Ever

The IAB's 2021 Digital Ad Ecosystem report recommends that brands use ad dollars to develop first- and zero-party relationships with consumers as third-party data disruptions continue. NFTs are white hot right now and reveal deep connections between passionate consumers and their creators. If a recession actually hits it will disrupt the day to day consumer engagement strategies many brands use to drive revenue. We'll stitch these signals together to explain both why your relationship marketing strategy needs an update and how to take action to get it shipshape.

In this session we will explain how your technology can bridge the gap between consumer and brand to build better, long lasting relationships. Former EVP at Leo Burnett and current Managing Director at ORIGYN Foundation, Tom Flanagan, has seen this cycle before and has sound advice for brands, agencies and media buyers who may not know where to place their bets. Tim Glomb, Vice President of Content and Data at Cheetah Digital, shares results from brands such as Starbucks and American Airlines as they double down on their customer-obsessed relationship marketing strategies to drive revenue.

Tom Flanagan Tim Glomb
Tom Flanagan - ORIGYN Foundation
Tim Glomb - Cheetah Digital
3:35 PM - 3:55 PM
Digging Deep into E-Commerce

As social commerce continues to trend, platforms are expanding ways for merchants to get their goods in front of consumers’ eyes. Pinterest is no exception with plans to dig even deeper into the space with new product rollouts including tools to better identify trends, ads to monetize idea pins, and an API that allows partners to tap into the platform’s first-party data all debuted at its second-annual advertiser summit this past March.

Hear from Pinterest’s Chief Revenue Officer Bill Watkins as he discusses the lessons and tactics from his journey to find the most sufficient business solutions that will allow the company’s customers to seamlessly use the platform for e-commerce in 2022 and beyond.

Bill Watkins Jessica Zafarris
Bill Watkins - Pinterest
Jessica Zafarris - Adweek
4:00 PM - 4:10 PM
Programming Break
4:15 PM - 4:35 PM
Data-Informed Brand and Consumer Interrelationships

Brave Commerce is a highly successful podcast hosted by Rachel Tipograph, MikMak’s Founder and CEO, and Sarah Hofstetter, Profitero’s President. In this podcast, Rachel and Sarah discuss what is hot and relevant in the commerce sphere for the world’s biggest brands.

Join Rachel and Sarah as they sit down with Ashley Becker, Vice President, ECommerce and Omni Customer Growth of KraftHeinz on the typical, or even now atypical, brand and retailer interrelationship. The three will discuss what this relationship now means to the KraftHeinz brand, as it is such a name with sincere brand recognition and an undeniably loyal fan-base. Rachel, Sarah and Ashley will analyze these relationships and how the household recognition of KraftHeinz directly corresponds to carefully collecting audience insights and data to consult everyday business decisions.

Rachel Tipograph Sarah Hofstetter Ashley Becker
Rachel Tipograph - MikMak
Sarah Hofstetter - Profitero
Ashley Becker - Kraft+Heinz
4:40 PM - 5:00 PM
Connected Commerce Marketing: From Buzzword to Winning Strategy

The promise of personalized and integrated marketing experiences for consumers across physical and digital channels that the coordinated orchestration of data, marketing execution and measurement offers, is hard for today’s brands to resist. For many, however, this level of coordination is still a pipe dream—they do not have the data, tools or know-how to embrace Connected Commerce Marketing to its full potential.

Join Skai and explore how brands are rethinking traditional strategies in favor of connected commerce models that are consumer-centric, full-funnel and measurable. Walk away with intel on the core pillars and tactics that you can implement in your own strategies and how to prepare for the next era of retail media advertising.

Nich Weinheimer Tyler Beatty
Nich Weinheimer - Skai
Tyler Beatty - BISSELL Homecare
5:05 PM - 5:25 PM
How New Balance Became a Legacy Disruptor

Since hitting the scene in 1906, New Balance always had a desire to innovate, challenge the status quo and constantly reinvent itself. Addressing and embracing that challenge is now a core ingredient to the 116-year-old company enabling it to capitalize on rich opportunities for storytelling but most important, think like a start-up. This includes adding superstar rapper Jack Harlow to the brand’s roster of ambassadors, as well as experiments with cryptocurrency, blockchain and the metaverse.

Join Chris Davis, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Merchandising at New Balance, as he shares his insights on new consumer shopping behaviors and consumer relationships, forming authentic partnerships, calculated risk-taking. Walk away with a fresh perspective on achieving brand growth with a “fewer, bigger, better” approach to marketing and a “50-30-20” budgeting strategy.

Chris Davis Rafael Canton
Chris Davis - New Balance
Rafael Canton - Adweek
5:30 PM - 5:35 PM
Closing Remarks
Matt Steinmetz
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
5:45 PM - 6:45 PM
Reception (The New York Atrium, 9th Floor)
One-to-One Meetings (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor)

One-to-one Partner/Elite VIP networking meetings to take place during the reception. Cocktails will be served.


Engaging Consumers Online and IRL

While the rapid acceleration of technology solutions and platforms for retail are making the online shopping experience more sufficient, personable and enjoyable, brick-and-mortar strategies are sustaining. Marketers aren't giving up on physical stores just yet, especially given the consumer demand for them, particularly millennials and Gen Z.

Hear from brand leaders on how they are balancing their relationships with customers online and offline. Topics include everything from physical store strategies to chatbots, social commerce and web3.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast

Registration 4th floor.
Breakfast 9th floor. 

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.

Matt Steinmetz
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
9:10 AM - 9:30 AM
The Importance of an Integrated Approach: A Fireside Chat with Neiman Marcus' David Goubert

President and Chief Customer Officer of NM, David Goubert is responsible for creating uniquely personalized experiences for the Neiman Marcus customer through the cohesive partnership between in-store, online and remote selling experiences. Join Goubert as he discusses NM’s Integrated Luxury Retail strategy, how the organization is investing in the remote and high-tech retail experience, and how leveraging tech is allowing NMG to build long-term customer relationships – a key component to the Company’s successful growth roadmap.

David Goubert Matt Steinmetz
David Goubert - Neiman Marcus Group
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
9:35 AM - 9:55 AM
Raising the Roof on Retail Media

What do environmentally conscious lumber, ENERGY STAR certified washers & dryers, top quality paint & stains - that you need to enhance your home lifestyle have in common? They’re all being introduced and made available to shoppers through online and offline ads that inspire and match creative DIYers and pros to the global and niche retailers who can bring their home lifestyle dreams to life.

In this new retail era, shoppers have access to home lifestyle experiences beyond traditional brick & mortar — as leaders like Lowe’s One Roof Media and Criteo empower them to transform the deluge of data that surrounds modern shoppers into unparalleled omnichannel experiences and sales.

Join this session with Criteo’s Sherry Smith and Lowe’s One Roof Media Network’s Abi Subramanian to discover:

  • What this new era of home lifestyle makes possible for today’s brands
  • How Lowe’s and Criteo have partnered to help brands transform a sea of data into incredible omnichannel shopping and commerce experiences and outcomes
  • What types of results brands have already achieved as they tap the power of home lifestyle media to drive success
  • What retail media channels and strategies are working now and what innovations are on the horizon
Abi Subramanian Sherry Smith
Abi Subramanian - Lowe's One Roof Media Network
Sherry Smith - Criteo
10:00 AM - 10:10 AM
10:10 AM - 10:30 AM
Creating More Customer Touchpoints IRL

Physical retail is an extension of Wayfair’s mission to transform how people shop for their homes. With the opening of the brand’s first, full-service brick and mortar retail store in 2019, and this year the first-ever AllModern and Joss & Main retail stores, the company is setting new standards of what the industry defines as an omnichannel shopping experience and how marketers can create more consumer touchpoints IRL. Hear from Bob Sherwin, CMO of Wayfair, as he answers the “why now?” including what was the feedback that drove the timing, what were the steppingstones, and what were the ingredients to now have the brand focus on physical retail stores. Bob will discuss the journey from online to physical stores, and how the stores will complement the customer journey and usher the brand into a new, exciting chapter.

Bob Sherwin Chris Ariens
Bob Sherwin - Wayfair
Chris Ariens - Adweek
10:35 AM - 10:55 AM
Measuring the Immeasurable: How Adore Me is Evolving its Data-driven Acquisition Strategy for a Privacy-first World

The evolving privacy landscape has had a huge impact on performance marketing — marketers needed to quickly adapt to having less data available at their fingertips, and make use of the data that they do have. But little has been discussed how exactly marketers should collect and leverage their zero-party data.

In this session, join Harriet Durnford-Smith, CMO at Adverity, and Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at Adore Me, where they discuss tangible examples of how Adore Me is using zero-party data retrospectively but also merging it with other data points across the business to anticipate future behavior

Harriet Durnford-Smith Ranjan Roy
Harriet Durnford-Smith - Adverity
Ranjan Roy - Adore Me
11:00 AM - 11:20 AM
Programming Break
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Workshop (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor): Good as Gold: Balancing Acquisition & Retention to Reach New Audiences

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Through more than eight years of partnership, Criteo and Jewelry Television (JTV) have combined emerging acquisition strategies with robust data measurement and multi-touch attribution methodologies to drive better business decisions and successfully reach new audiences across the digital landscape. Join Criteo’s Executive Managing Director, AMER, Rory Mitchell as he sits down with Ryan McClurkin, Chief Analytics Officer from JTV, as they discuss color, cut, clarity, and the future of commerce media. 

Rory Mitchell Ryan McClurkin
Rory Mitchell - Criteo
Ryan McClurkin - Jewelry Television
Workshop (Pearl, 9th Floor): Grocery Data + Programmatic: Unlocking Incremental Sales

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Media advertising is entering a new golden age. With daily sales feeds from retailers, agencies are positioned to boost brand performance by reaching shoppers in the right places at the right time. Deep first-party datasets are predicting which households will drive sales and reduce ad waste. Join Kroger Precision Marketing and Publicis Agency, Performics as they discuss how grocery data is helping brands and agencies unlock attributable sales.

Jill Smith Katie Pretti
Jill Smith - Kroger Precision Marketing
Katie Pretti - Performics
Workshop (Ambassador II, 2nd Floor): Shelf-Savvy Marketing: The Value of Syncing Supply Chain Inventory Data

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

As the supply chain crisis continues to wreak havoc on industries that use marketing to sell their goods, brands need to calculate where and when to redirect media spend as a result of supply chain issues they face — rather than just putting a halt on spend when there’s a supply crunch. From product launches to always-on and seasonal campaigns, understanding what product is on shelf in a specific location has tremendous impact on marketing efficacy and reducing waste. In this session, we will explore how marketers can finally tap into shelf-level product availability data in order to get more granular with media and messaging - from programmatic, search, social and connected TV.

Stacy Bohrer Tony Miller John Schorr
Stacy Bohrer - Crisp
Tony Miller - Crisp
John Schorr - OMG
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Programming Break
1:25 PM - 2:25 PM
Masterclass (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor): Social Commerce & the Metaverse: Building New Dimensions of Discovery into Shopping

This masterclass will be streamed live and can be watched here.

As we head towards the Metaverse, the way people connect with businesses on their shopping journey will become more multidimensional. Beyond in-store and online, hybrid new creative opportunities like virtual try-ons via augmented reality, interactive shopping on social media via live video, and virtual stores powered by blockchain technology may become key customer touch points. The most successful marketers today are experimenting with new formats and integrating these experiences across channels to learn how to foster ongoing relationships in more immersive digital environments. This session will feature a look at how businesses are building more multidimensional commerce experience and will include a conversation with brands actively building and testing in this space.

Claire Mulhern Ashwin Nathan Jamie Bradley
Claire Mulhern - Meta Creative Shop
Ashwin Nathan - H-E-B
Jamie Bradley - VidMob
Masterclass (Ambassador II, 2nd Floor): Supercharge Your Commerce Engine

This masterclass will be streamed live and can be watched here.

To win the hearts and minds of today’s shoppers, brands and retailers must engage with real voices, in real terms, in real time. Supercharging your commerce strategies through the power of authentic consumer and brand voices is top of mind and essential for success in a digital era where the lines between IRL and virtual continue to blur.

In this session, join Justin Thomas-Copeland, CEO at DDB, Andrea Steele, Head of Digital Marketing and Operations at The Hershey Company, and Zarina L Stanford, CMO at Bazaarvoice as they offer their unique perspectives on building a consumer-first mindset across your organization, and actionable tips for inspiring, engage, convert, and earning customers for life, and the growth and ROI you can expect to achieve.

Zarina Stanford Andrea Steele Justin Thomas-Copeland
Zarina Stanford - Bazaarvoice
Andrea Steele - The Hershey Company
Justin Thomas-Copeland - DDB North America
2:35 PM - 2:55 PM
Marrying Virtual and Digital Shopping with Pacsun and Complex Networks

Retailers and CG brands alike are looking to elevate experiential shopping, creating an immersive experience that blends the virtual and physical worlds to keep today’s consumers engaged and interested. Pacsun is no exception making several advances within the virtual realm in the past year, launching a dedicated experience on Roblox with PACWORLD, being the first fashion retailer to accept cryptocurrency, debuting NFTs, and securing its first plot of land in The Sandbox, a game in the metaverse. More recently, Pacsun embarked on another first for the brand by joining ComplexLand 3.0 in its third annual metaverse event this past May.

Join Brie Olson, President of Pacun and business partner Neil Wright, Head of Collaborations & Experiential at Complex Networks on what it means to be an early leader in the metaverse commerce space, and what digital gaming and NFTs mean to their larger online presence and overall profitability.

Brie Olson Neil Wright Mark Stenberg
Brie Olson - Pacsun
Neil Wright - Complex Networks
Mark Stenberg - Adweek
3:00 PM - 3:10 PM
Poll presented by SmartCommerce
Poll presented by SmartCommerce
3:10 PM - 3:30 PM
How Uncommon Goods Creates Purpose-Driven Shopping Experiences with Conversational Commerce

Uncommon Goods is a certified B-Corp based in Brooklyn. Their online marketplace connects makers and their creations with shoppers looking for truly unique goods. The brand leans into the engaging and personalized nature of SMS to connect with customers who support their brand mission. Through two-way conversations, they help shoppers discover products they’ll love. This session will explore how Uncommon Goods expresses their brand voice through SMS, and the role of conversational commerce in retail, now and in the future.

Brian Hashemi Elizabeth Ray
Brian Hashemi - Uncommon Goods
Elizabeth Ray - Attentive
3:35 PM - 3:45 PM
Programming Break
3:50 PM - 4:10 PM
Optimizing the New Customer Journey

The pandemic didn’t just accelerate ecommerce—it fundamentally changed the way consumers treat brick-and-mortar. In fact, with rising gas prices and inflation, the only constant in today’s shopper landscape is change. So how do brands adapt? How do marketers engage and leverage the new customer journey? And what’s the role of retail media networks in all of this? Hear from leaders at Unilever and Mindshare on how to create a truly connected omnichannel experience for consumers.

Mara Greenwald Jayme Jansky Beck Sami Lambert
Mara Greenwald - Mindshare
Jayme Jansky Beck - Unilever
Sami Lambert - Adweek
4:15 PM - 4:35 PM
The Basics of Integrated Brand Storytelling Across the Consumer Journey

The buyer journey continues to become increasingly varied and complex, making it more difficult for brands to connect with consumers and establish brand loyalty. In this session, join ChannelAdvisor Vice President of Product Management Steve Frechette to learn about the key consumer touch points and the most effective ways to reinforce your brand's messaging at each step from discovery to fulfillment.

Steve Frechette
Steve Frechette - ChannelAdvisor
4:40 PM - 5:00 PM
What’s in Store for the Future of Buy Now, Pay Later?

The way consumers shop and purchase goods online is rapidly shifting and evolving, with the latest mainstream trend of buy now, pay later (BNPL) taking the industry by storm. According to FIS Worldpay, BNPL is expected to represent over 9% of U.S. e-comm transaction volume (nearly $180B) by 2025 – driven primarily by millennials and Gen Z.

Hear from Erika White, VP of Marketing and Communications at Affirm, on how consumer expectations have shifted and how this new way of paying is influencing their buying behavior, both online and in-store.

Erika White Patrick Kulp
Erika White - Affirm
Patrick Kulp - Adweek
5:05 PM - 5:10 PM
Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining!

Matt Steinmetz
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
One-to-One Meetings (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor)

One-to-one Partner/Elite VIP networking meetings to take place during the reception. Cocktails will be served.

Reception (The New York Atrium, 9th Floor)

How to Embrace a Purpose-Driven Strategy and Staying True to the Brand’s DNA

With social justice, geopolitical instability, climate change and a pandemic to boot, getting purpose-driven marketing just right and being impactful is top of mind for retailers.

Join Adweek as we hear from retail leaders about the challenges and opportunities surrounding a purpose-driven marketing mission.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast
9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Opening Remarks

Opening remarks and a look at the event.

Matt Steinmetz
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
9:10 AM - 9:30 AM
Strategy Playbook: Remaining Loyal to the Brand and to Consumers

The Clorox Company champions their customers to be well, safe and thrive every single day. Guided by their values, the company is continuing to innovate through the development of wellness brands and enhancements in customer experience, both online and in person.

Vivian Chang, Head of DTC Practice at Clorox, will kick off day three of Commerce Week by sharing the best tools and tricks for generating a meaningful and lasting business-to-consumer relationship while staying true to the retail brand’s beloved legacy.

Vivian Chang Paul Hiebert
Vivian Chang - The Clorox Company
Paul Hiebert - Adweek
9:35 AM - 9:55 AM
Be Ready for the Future of Ecommerce

Over the last three years, digital transformation has accelerated the retail ecosystem's sophistication. As omnichannel retailers leaned into technology solutions to advance their ecommerce capabilities, it has leveled the ecommerce playing field. This demands ecommerce experiences to deliver more innovative consumer experiences to deliver on business goals. This discussion will address how to interpret ecommerce trends today to build resilience for tomorrow.

Jane Butler Cezanne Huq
Jane Butler - Google
Cezanne Huq - Hello Fresh
10:00 AM - 10:10 AM
10:10 AM - 10:30 AM
Sustainable Spotlight

Although in different sectors, REI and Philips are highly praised for their commitment to people and the planet—from advancing sustainable business practices to embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Join Adweek alongside Vivienne Long, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, REI, and Lorraine Barber-Miller, EVP and Chief Marketing and E-Commerce Officer, Philips as they discuss the importance of brand purpose when engaging with consumers, customers and employees.

Vivienne Long Lorraine Barber Miller David Kaplan
Vivienne Long - REI
Lorraine Barber Miller - Philips
David Kaplan - Adweek
10:35 AM - 10:55 AM
Elevating Audience Targeting in a Cookieless World 

With third-party cookies on the verge of crumbling, marketers are scrambling for new ways to power their personalization efforts. Everything is pointing to first-party data as the answer for creating more personalized experiences. We’re going to discuss how you can use first-party data, as well as a new strategy called self-attested personalization, to foster deep customer relationships with new communities.

Anjanette Hill Mendoza Drew Lesicko
Anjanette Hill Mendoza - SheerID
Drew Lesicko - SoulCycle
11:00 AM - 11:20 AM
Programming Break
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Workshop (Pearl, 9th Floor): Be More with Influencer Marketing

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Influencer marketing is no longer a single tactic sitting in one portion of a brands marketing funnel. It will continue to be a multi-layered strategy comprised of strategic audience targeting, an understanding of the market and testing into the channels. Learn from the influencer marketing industry leader, LTK, about the emergence of a new media for consumers; industry trends and benchmarks; and marketing tactics all brands need to incorporate in their 2H 2022 and 2023 strategy.  

Kristi O'Brien
Kristi O'Brien - LTK
Workshop (Ambassador II, 2nd Floor): Your Consumers Are Ready for Live Video Shopping, Are You? The Evolution of Live (Video) Commerce and What the Future Holds

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

Commerce has been evolving since 6000 BC with the introduction of the barter system to today’s live shopping innovation at our fingertips. While innovation marches on, today's B2C brands need to focus on what works today as what the near-term future holds when considering immersive experiences and livestream video commerce as revenue strategy.

Join this workshop to learn the do’s and don’ts of live video shopping from a leading pioneer in live commerce, Andre Hordagoda Co-Founder and General Manager of Emplifi's Live Commerce division (formerly Go Instore).  

Andre will share practical learnings and examples based over a decade in live commerce technology and implementation experience. Come to this session to learn how to close the in-store, online and social media shopping gap as well as understand the important differences in live commerce workflows and technologies.

André Hordagoda
André Hordagoda - Emplifi
Workshop (Ambassador III, 2nd Floor): How to Reach Consumers in Digital & Physical Aisles Using Sponsored Product Ads  

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

The purchase journey is no longer linear as consumers are adapting to a “hybrid” way of shopping. For example, while consumers are going back to shop in-store, they may also be researching online. With more choices than ever before, it’s important to place your products where consumers are searching, like retailer sites.Hear from top advertisers and ad tech companies as they share insights into how brands can stay top of mind with consumers, whether they are looking at a physical or digital aisle, using retail media search like sponsored product ads.

Ana Santaella Mario Watson Ryan Britton Amie Owen
Ana Santaella - Skai
Mario Watson - Roundel
Ryan Britton - Criteo
Amie Owen - Universal McCann
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
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1:30 PM - 1:50 PM
The Role of Authentic Leadership in Driving Culture

With the rise of purpose-driven marketing, it’s more critical than ever for brands to be authentic and consistent. Through their inclusive product, atypical models and content marketing, the activewear brand Fabletics has emerged as a leader in purpose-driven marketing. Each year, the brand famously conducts a study with the aim of better understanding its progress and how the company can meaningfully contribute to the cultural conversation.

Join Meera Bhatia, COO of Fabletics, as she shares lessons from her leadership journey, tips for cultivating authenticity and why it remains key to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to successful purpose-driven marketing.

Meera Bhatia Emmy Liederman
Meera Bhatia - Fabletics
Emmy Liederman - Adweek
1:55 PM - 2:15 PM
What Brand Searches Are Really Saying About The Customer Mindset: New Buyer Trends and How Brands Are Responding

Inflation and a number of other disruptors are impacting your customers on a daily basis. A deep knowledge of purchase behavior is more critical than ever to a brand’s growth. Hear from Elisabeth Rommel, General Manager NA & EU Advertising at eBay Ads as she breaks down buyer trends across key categories, audiences, and what brands need to prioritize to build meaningful relationships with their customers. Walk away with insights to help inform your marketplace and advertising strategies, grow your business and drive sales.

Elisabeth Rommel Matt Steinmetz
Elisabeth Rommel - eBay Ads
Matt Steinmetz - Adweek
2:20 PM - 2:40 PM
The Secret Sauce of Shake Shack's Purpose-Driven Marketing

Since its humble beginnings as a hot dog cart in New York City’s Madison Square Park, doing good was deeply rooted in the Shake Shack story. Now a global business and fast-casual phenomenon, this powerful mission, “Stand for Something Good,” remains a core part of the brand’s DNA and has been expanded to include sourcing premium ingredients from like-minded partners, designing Shacks responsibly and supporting communities through donations, events and volunteering.

Hear from Mike McGarry, VP of Brand Marketing at Shake Shack, on how the corporation has remained loyal to their purpose-driven program, considering the brand’s increasing popularity and visibility over the last two decades.

Anna Jenkins David Kaplan
Anna Jenkins - T-Mobile
David Kaplan - Adweek
2:45 PM - 2:55 PM
Poll presented by SmartCommerce
Poll presented by SmartCommerce
2:55 PM - 3:15 PM
The Room Where It Happens: Solving What’s Next

Executives from an agency, retailer, sales, and brand walk into a conference room...

Although it sounds like the setup to a bad joke, the reality is this scenario probably doesn’t happen often, if at all. But it should.

In this session, hear from industry executives including Jill Smith (Vice President, Kroger Precision Marketing), Sue Toy (Vice President, Retail Commerce Leadership, Tyson Foods), and Victor Lee (President, AUC) as they discuss their varied perspectives, feeding off of each other’s insights to explore what’s affecting their businesses today and tomorrow. No buzz words, just real, honest conversations -- what keeps them up at night, what creates the biggest disconnect in their marketing practice, and what they each believe is the next big thing in commerce. Walk away with an understanding of how brands, retailers and agencies can partner for a common goal, how to budget strategically, and where to draw the line between too much versus too little data.

Jill Smith Victor Lee Sue Toy
Jill Smith - Kroger Precision Marketing
Victor Lee - Advantage Unified Commerce
Sue Toy - Tyson Foods
3:20 PM - 3:35 PM
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3:20 PM - 3:40 PM
Intersecting Sustainability and Accessible Shopping

New apparel production is a leading contributor to global warming and pollution, requiring as much as a thousand gallons of water to make a single item. Buying second-hand reduces the environmental impact of clothing by 75 percent. Enter Thrilling, a platform launched in November 2018 for second-hand and vintage boutiques with the goal of making shopping more exciting, modern and above all, accessible.

In this session, Thrilling’s CEO and Co-founder, Shilla Kim-Parker will explore why it is important at the industry level to promote eco-friendly clothing, to understand e-commerce versus wholesale, and why shopping vintage should become a more familiar part of anyone’s shopping experience.

Shilla Kim-Parker Colin Daniels
Shilla Kim-Parker - Thrilling
Colin Daniels - Adweek
3:45 PM - 4:05 PM
How Rent the Runway Prioritizes Access Over Excess

The sustainability movement in fashion is still in its early stages, but more brands and retailers are increasingly leaning into and promoting sustainability through their efforts. Rent the Runway is no stranger to this trend and has evolved as a leader in the space, setting new standards for sustainable fashion. Among the company’s most distinguishing commitments, announced this past March, is its goal to displace the need for production of half a million garments by the end of fiscal year 2026, a continuation of its work to address rampant overproduction and waste in fashion.

Join Jess Burns, SVP of Brand Building, on why she and the larger team prioritize these purpose-driven ideas and what it means for their overall brand accountability and goals.

Jessica Grigoriou Trishla Ostwal
Jessica Grigoriou - Unilever
Trishla Ostwal - Adweek
4:10 PM - 4:15 PM
Closing Remarks

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